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The computer becomes a zombie, how to avoid it

The word "botnet" is now on many lips.

This is not surprising, because this part of a zombie network can be virtually any device with Internet access. Even in the most technologically austere family usually have a desktop computer, a pair of the smartphone and home Wi-Fi-router.


All of them may one day become a puppet of cybercriminals.

The computer becomes a zombie, how to avoid it

What is a zombie network, than they are dangerous and they do not allow criminals to take control over their devices - all these questions we will answer in this post.

What is a botnet?

So botnet consists of any device with Internet access, which reached up to malware intercepted administrator rights, and passes control into the wrong hands, without the user's knowledge. This happens secretly and hacked the device continues to operate as usual - but at the same time obey the instructions of cybercriminals. Most often, criminals are infected with not one, but many thousands of devices and combine them into a single network - a botnet, or "bot network".

Creating a botnet - it is only a stage, but not the ultimate goal of criminals. Of the infected device is formed by a powerful infrastructure for a variety of cyber attacks. Some botovody engaged only in the expansion and maintenance of a zombie network to lease it to other criminals specializing already some specific malicious activity. There are four main areas that can make the owners of botnets and their customers with computers of their victims.

The computer becomes a zombie, how to avoid it


Probably the most famous way to use zombie networks - is holding a Denial Of Service attack types ( "denial of service"). When of DDoS-attack botnet generates a lot of requests to the target server, which he is