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The Emergence of “Connected Life Platforms”

Connected life platforms is a phrase Google has coined for devices that represent “Internet of things”, which also connect to each other.

You know how you can control your Nest thermostat with your Pebble smartwatch? Google sees more of this type of thing going on in 2015, and it has the data to back it up:

  • Searches related to the Internet of Things grew 2.5x this past year.
  • Searches for wearable tech grew 3x this past year.
  • Searches for smart lightbulbs are up 36% from last year.
  • 4.9 billions connected things will be in use globally in 2015, up 30% from 2014.

Takeaways for marketers:
All of these connected devices will create more data, which Google suggests using to create better experiences. You can also use data-driven insights to step up your customer

These are the top Google searches from 2015 : #1 is Definitely a Surprise


Google’s list of top-trending terms refers to queries that experienced the highest level of traffic over a sustained period of time during 2015