Pakistan came into being on 14th August,  1947. Despite being a new nation and suffering many setbacks due to bad governance, it managed to have some wonderful achievements in the field of science, engineering and technology. Today we are listing some of the unique achievements of Pakistani scientists and engineers, some of them were individual but majority of them were the result of team work. 

1. World’s Biggest Earth Filled Dam:

Tarbela Dam is constructed on the Indus River, at Tarbela in Pakistan. The Dam is classified as the World’s largest earth filled dam. While it is termed as the 2nd largest dam by its structural volume. The dam has an elevation of 9000 ft from the sea level while it is 485 ft high from the riverbed. The resulting water reservoir lake has a total surface area of 250 square kilometers. Since its inception, it has played a vital role in irrigation, hydroelectric power generation as well as flood control for Pakistan.

Tarbela Dam-Top 10 Mind Blowing Achievements Of Pakistanis In Science And Technology-

2. World’s Largest Irrigation network:

Pakistan boasts world’s largest irrigation network. The development of this irrigation system is one of the major achievement of Pakistani engineers. This irrigitaion network provides water to 90% of the agricultural land in Pakistan which amounts to an area of 14.4 million hectares.  This irrigation system consists of three major reservoirs:  Tarbela dam and  Chashma dam are built on river Indus while Mangla Dam is built on River Jhelum. The system is composed of numerous barrages, headworks and canals. The total length of all canals serving the agricultural land exceeds 58,500 km.

Pakistani Irrigation System-Top 10 Mind Blowing Achievements Of Pakistanis In Science And Technology-