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Top 40 Father Daughter Wedding Songs Of All Time!


father daughter wedding songs

The dance with Dad is a significant, touching moment in a wedding, and one that should not be missed! If you are looking forward to your father daughter dance but haven’t a clue which song to select, check out our list of the top 40 best father daughter wedding songs!


Most brides start with the thought of staying away from cheesy father daughter wedding songs. The great news is that not every father daughter wedding dance song you will hear is tacky, there are lots of gems out there. There are classic father daughter songs, some alternative father daughter dance songs and even some more popular father-daughter wedding dance songs to choose from.

Top 40 Father Daughter Wedding Songs

1) John Mayer, ‘Daughters’

2) Fleetwood Mac, ‘Landslide’

3) Billy Joel, ‘Lullaby (Good Night, My Angel)’

4) Natalie Merchant, ‘Kind & Generous’

5) Luther Vandross, ‘Dance With My Father’