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Unexpected Side Effects Of Sugar


Are you a sugar addict? Do sweets and other sweet tasting foods make you go crazy? Then it’s high time you did something about it, because your addiction is definitely not something healthy.

Sugar cravings are something everyone have experienced at one point in their lives, some more than the others. We all know it’s bad for us. Now, we should also now just how bad sugar can get if we consume too much of it.

This post talks about the harmful effects of sugar. Read on to know them!

1. Sugar Makes Us Fat:

Let us begin with the obvious. Although few unfortunate souls are genetically predisposed to obesity, there is no reason we should let sugar ruin our heath. This sweetener is truly a bitter pill to those unable to stay away from sugary foods for too long.

Researchers have, several times, established a direct association between sugar consumption and fat development (1). Every time you indulge in a sweet pleasure, the extra sugar seems to be converted into the next fat reserve in the body.

People of all age groups fall prey to this epidemic, as you don’t need a gene to become obese if you have bad food habits.

2. Sugar Is Addictive:

Yes! Very like alcohol, no less. Sugar can make the mind feel less satiated, and you simply want more and more of the same. For many people, sugar is literally an addiction as it can release the happy hormone called dopamine in the brain. Consequently, advising someone with a sugar addiction to cut back on it would backfire, the same way it would for an alcoholic. There would surely be withdrawal symptoms paired with intense sugar cravings.

3. Sugar Dulls Your Brain:

Mental health is something you must guard carefully. And believe it or not, sugar practically