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Jon Platt helps fight Parkinson's Disease.

Vegan Vegetable Soup

by Jon Platt on November 11, 2017

Vegan Vegetable Soup

This soup is absolutely delicious and it’s so easy to make and it gives you a great workout. The hardest part is doing all that chopping and waiting for it to simmer. But just wait till you taste the results of your hard labour. This vegan vegetable soup is one that you’ll definitely want to add to your dinner rotation.

It is probably one of the healthiest things you can have for dinner. This recipe calls for half fresh vegetables and half frozen so you still get all that freshness but have the ease of pre-cut frozen veggies too. Feel free to use all fresh if you they are easily available and not too costly. Use organic where available as well to give it added taste.Vegan Vegetable Soup