As Zermatt is a car free town, I had to leave my car in Taesch, a little village close to Zermatt. There is a big covered big car park in Taesch, which charges about 13€ for 24 hours of parking.

I then took a train which brought me up to Zermatt. For a person like me, who tends to forget things in the car it, was not ideal though because I had the ride back as I left my camera in the car and pay another 15€ for the return ticket. I could also have gone directly by train, hike or cycle up. So there are quite some ways get to Zermatt.


I stayed at a lovely 4* hotel with a great view of the Matterhorn. The prices were very reasonable (summer prices are normally better than the prices in winter), but since Zermatt is not geographically very big, I would recommend staying at a hotel depending on the price and service.

Read my review of that lovely hotel here or check out the prices and rates for hotel in Zermatt here.


In Zermatt, all buses or taxis are electric – and as Zermatt is not so big, you can easily walk to many places or use the bike.

However, one of the first things I noticed in Zermatt was actually something else: many tourists, flower pots and ads for luxury watches (and shops) hanging everywhere (the tourists did not hang there, though).

After checking in at the hotel (if you are looking for accommodation in Zermatt, read my review of the hotel here) I strolled through Zermatt and really liked the Vispa river with its quite strong current and its unusual gray/white color (glacier water). The scenery is extremely beautiful and is one of those peaceful and cute places you can stroll through for hours – though it is quite small.