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We Don't Care"by AKON---- LYRICS

by Jan Mh on February 21, 2015

"We Don't Care"by



People are watchin'!
But we don't care
The way I am touchin' your body
Cause we don't care
See you droppin' and poppin'
But we don't care
Makes me want to keep grindin'
But we don't care (oh-ooh)
See I'm gettin' nasty
With you on the dance floor
You got me going: Oh-Oooh!
Could you be the reason why I'm losing control
Fo Sho! Like we don't care!

[Verse 1:]
See I met her at club on a Friday
Big booty, small waist
Seen her comin' my way
So I had to bag her
I really had to have her (oh-ooh)
I didn't see a ring on her finger
Asked her did you ever been with a singer before
She said no (oh-ohh)
So let me introduce you to my world