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Owl Cafes in Japan

by Jon Platt on July 18, 2017

What Owl Cafes Are Really Like in Japan

Last year, we visited two different cat cafes, so this year, we wanted to check out an animal cafe that was a little out of the norm. Japan is the master of stepping up the game once they find a fad. Since cat cafes were such a hit, they took animal cafes to another level and created an owl cafe. There are a couple of owl cafes in Tokyo and we visited the one in Akihabara called Akiba Fukurou

OWL CAFE www.thetravelpockets.com

You can only visit this owl cafe by making a reservation, so make sure you book online in advance. Each time slot is an hour and they fill up pretty fast. We made our reservation the day before our visit and received a confirmation email soon after. You pay when you get there (¥2000, which is about $20), so no need to make a payment online. The location was pretty easy to find and there were plenty of chairs outside for customers if you happen to arrive early. We were a bit early and it was chilly outside, so we hung out at a coffee shop across the street. 

OWL CAFE www.thetravelpockets.com

Our reservation was at 3:00 PM and the doors opened promptly at that time. We paid our fee and were directed to hang our coats and bags. Then we were given a quick guide of do's and don'ts. This only took a few minutes. Then after that, we were free to walk around and take photos and pet the owls. There were probably about 20 owls sitting on their posts and if we wanted to hold one of them, we had to ask one of the staff members to help us. There were two staff members with interesting white uniforms and they were both helpful and friendly.