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Witches Brew – A Halloween Cocktail

This ‘Witches Brew’- halloween cocktail is so stunning. Based on a Purple Hooter, the vivid colour is dramatically beautiful, but with a dark eerie feel perfect for a halloween party.




Served in sugar rimmed shot glasses this witches brew is a wonderful addition to a party at any time of year.  But the dark purple colour makes it extra perfect (is that even a phrase???) to serve up as a halloween cocktail.

If you want a longer drink, replace the lime juice with a citrus soda and serve in a highball with crushed ice. I would still rim the glass with sugar as I love the sweet hit you get and it looks so pretty!



If you can find it, black sugar would be a great to use on the glass rim, but for those looking to use what is already in their pantry (assuming I suppose black sugar isn’t in there!!!) I mix lime juice with some dark purple food colouring, dip the glasses in that and then into castor sugar, The food colouring soaks into the sugar giving it a purple hue.