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You Want It? Get It! How to Manifest Anything

Are you focused on the right thing?Just how easy is it to get what you want out of life? Easier than you might think, and it involves a lot less hard work and sacrifice than you’ve been told.

Ready to manifest deliciousness?

First, recognize that if you’re having trouble manifesting what you want, it’s because you are misdirecting your focus.

It’s NOT because you’re not working hard enough or exerting enough willpower, it’s that your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual energies are being directed at the wrong thing.

Example: your greatest dream is to be an architect but all your life you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t be an architect because you suck at math. You don’t MEAN to make that a command. You don’t mean to set “I suck at math” as your intention (who would??) but by giving that thought more and more attention, you feed it and give it more energy. You start to believe it, and then subconsciously you reinforce that belief every time you make a math mistake. In other words, you are focused on what you don’t want and you reinforce the behavior that