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Trever McGhee here, I've been getting a lot of questions about cryptocurrency;

1st one Will it make u millions? Yes, empowr coins will make millionaires and billionaires, starting with u, me and everyone else if we work together to increase the demand for the new coin so that it exceeds the available coins being released each month.

Lots of questions

What is it? 

Whats the difference between the different types?

Whats the best one for empowr to use?

Please take the time to review the info below before asking a qestion 

Video from empowr on ow to value it 



Empowr blogs explaining it



Blog on how it behaves, the hype from empowr



The Vote 




The list goes on...


What type should we use, as its also been suggested that te countries have their own currency?

The good news is that I've come across an amazing citizen that knows all the ins and outs about it, who I'm now directing people to

Dmitry Starodub 

Here's some of his thoughts that he has shared with me on this.


My name is Dmitry! Iam with Empowr since December, 2016.
However, I was active since May till July. 
The reason I stopped actively supporting this platform is the reason I am resuming efforts now - coins!
I`ve been telling to my SC about the need to introduce coins that can be used elsewhere over and over again! Until, they finally did it! 
Another thing I want to talk about the imoprtance of which we`ll be recognized soon. 
It is the protocol that they choose to use! I think for scalability concerns Empowr may want to come to use Ripple instead of Etherium.
Although,Ripple is not strictly speaking a blockchain, but with the same level of security they introduce scalability - which allows to process up to 1500 transactions per second. 
Besides ripple is closely linked to the banking system which will make it a lot easier to change empowr coins to any fiat currency.
Here, I would like to go in a little bit more detail. 
If the Empowr team leaders will decide to use Ripple protocol rather than Etherium, I will have more arguments to convince some of financial institutions (like our bank and insurance company) to join the game for they will be using what is more convenient and proven within banking system!