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Xperia Z5 Premium has an outstanding 4K display

Xperia™ Z5 Premium

Introducing the world’s first 4K smartphone

Xperia Z5 Premium has an outstanding 4K display




Xperia Z5 Premium has an outstanding 4K display

A 4K display in your hands

It doesn’t get clearer than this

Imagine the best of Sony TV technologies delivered in a smartphone. A super-vivid and sharp display, right in the palm of your hand. Meet Xperia Z5 Premium. With a 4K Ultra HD display, this 5.5” smartphone packs in four times the resolution of Full HD for an unrivalled viewing experience.

The first 4K enabled phone from SONY.

Look sharper

See every detail with more pixels per inch





Xperia Z5 Premium takes a giant leap in display technology, adding more pixels to reach an ultra-sharp 806 PPI. That’s around 10x the pixels of a Full HD TV, and more than double most smartphones.

Big content. Big quality.

Upscale to beautiful 4K



The Xperia Z5 Premium scales up your photos and movies to incredible 4K quality, while retaining every detail. In fact, it makes everything look better than ever.