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How to Sell Your Photos Online for More Cash with Less Work

You have numerous options to sell your photos online. And this can be a great way to create passive income that earns while you're working on other things.Photography is big business these days. Webmasters and businesses use images for their websites and marketing materials. People purchase artwork for their homes. All of these photos need to come from somewhere. As a freelance photographer, you have numerous options to sell your photos online. And this can be a great way to create passive income that earns while you’re working on other things.

What Kind of Photos Do People Want to Buy?

Right now, one of the biggest consumers of online photography is bloggers and website owners. Every piece of content created from blog posts to social media updates needs an attractive image. Here are a few categories that are in demand.

  1. Photos of people
  2. Photos of work situations (at the office, carpenter, steward, etc.)
  3. Photos of travel
  4. Photos of cities
  5. Close-up photos
  6. Photos of things (screws, medication, signs, books, computers, tools, bags, cables etc)
  7. Photos of nature
  8. Photos of animals

That doesn’t sound too crazy. Right? You can totally do this. And on a budget. I’d also suggest taking a look at the most popular images in each category on the sites on which you intend to list your photos. This will give you a good idea of what’s hot at the moment.

Creating the Best Images Possible

Let’s be frank. If your photos are