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Protecting your empowr coins + exploding the empowr economy

Hello everyone,

empowr’s mission and overarching goal require us -- the empowr community – to work together to build and deliver an economy to the world...

... capable of helping every man and woman on earth to uplift and help themselves.

Today we have 3 big announcements to make:

Three important things that will further help our mission succeed...

      ... by fast-tracking the growth of the empowr economy:


Protecting the value of your coins

Making it 100 times more likely that shoppers can find what they want

Making it 100 times easier for sellers to earn profits


In order for our announcements to make sense to everyone...

 ... including and especially our newest empowr citizens...

... let’s start at 30,000 feet with a strategy discussion...

... and then drill down to the specific announcements.

After that, today’s announcements will make a lot more sense to everyone.


Let’s get started.

For those of you interested in global affairs, take a moment to read this recent CNN article:
                        In 2019, the struggle to save democracy will face its key tests


Quick summary of the article:

Democracy is unraveling nearly everywhere in the world, as the masses are becoming increasingly upset and hopeless.

At the heart of the problem lies economic insecurity.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

In the below image, check out what has happened to wealth inequality...

... ever since the Internet became popular in the mid-1990’s:

                 Protecting your coins + exploding the economy
                              Source: World Inequality Report


As you can see, all of sudden after many decades of progress -- the income and wealth started to flow into the hands of the top 1% of the world.

Question: What does the Internet have to do with inequality? 

Answer:  The Internet accelerated the Network Effect, which is creating growing inequality.


Wait!  What’s the ‘Network Effect’?

The Network Effect is what happens when technology companies whose business models are based on networks (like Uber, Facebook, Google, Airbnb) become monopolies in their industry segments.


To see how this happens, let’s use Uber as an example:

·      -- The more passengers use Uber, the more drivers will sign up to earn with Uber (because more passengers means more earning opportunities for the drivers)

·      -- And the more drivers sign up to earn with Uber, the more passengers will use Uber (as they’ll be able to get a ride more quickly)

·      -- And then, again, as these additional passengers use Uber, even more drivers sign up to earn with Uber

·      -- And these additional drivers cause more passengers to use Uber.


When side 1 (passengers) grows, it causes side 2 (drivers) to grow, which in turn helps side 1 grow even more, which of course helps side 2 grow even more, and so on and so forth.

This phenomenon is called the Network Effect.


Why does it matter?

Well, the first company in any industry (in this case, the taxi industry)...

... to get ‘networked’ (in this case, that means they got an easy to use mobile app that riders and drivers could use to instantly find each other)...

... automatically benefits from the Network Effect, and rapidly becomes near-impossible to compete with...

... due to how each side of the network quickly solidifies the other side.

As a result of the Network Effect, the competitors (that had not yet become fully ‘networked’) start to die and the leading company becomes a monopoly (meaning it ends up with few or no competitors).


Before the Internet, it took many decades for a company to monopolize an industry...

... and by then, other forces (especially new technologies) very likely destroyed the monopoly.


How does the Network Effect create wealth inequality in society?

Let’s use Uber as an example again:

The biggest shareholders of Uber quickly become billionaires.

And a few hundred employees of Uber become millionaires.

But what about the millions of workers (the drivers) in Uber?

At first they do well. They think “It’s so easy to get business via this app and make money!”


Meanwhile, Uber sells some of its shares on Wall Street (that’s called ‘going public’) so that the company’s founders and early investors can ‘cash out’.

(Uber is planning on going public in 2019 – selling shares on Wall Street – but only if it is successful in becoming profitable before then).

After it becomes public, Uber’s stock price will keep increasing if it can keep increasing its profits.

Profits for any company increase for 2 reasons:

Either revenues go up, or costs go down -- or both.

Revenue growth:  At some point, the revenue growth of all companies begins to slow down.

When that happens, the company must use the other way to increase profits (which is to cut costs).

Cutting costs:  What is Uber’s largest category of costs? The payments being made to its drivers.

So, little by little, at some point, in order to deliver profits to Wall Street, Uber MUST and WILL start cutting what it pays its drivers.

And since (in this example) Uber is becoming a monopoly (because almost all of its competitors have died) its workers will have nowhere else to go, so most of them will keep working for Uber.

If in any 3 month period (IE: a quarter) Uber fails to hit its quarterly profit goals, its share price will drop instantly and massively.

If that happens, very likely its president will be replaced by the board of directors with someone else that promises to grow the profits more quickly.

Which means the new president will immediately start cutting costs – on his or her first day on the job – meaning they will figure out how to cut pay to the drivers.

And that’s how the Network Effect creates economic slaves out of the people of the world:

People earning from the ‘Ubers’ of the world, will all eventually become ‘economic slaves’, because those companies MUST keep extracting out more and more profits...

... in order for their shares to not crash and their management to not get fired.

It’s just that simple.


The Uber (taxi business) is just one example

There are thousands of other industry categories within which people earn income.

As those industries also become networked and ‘Uberized’ – the same thing happens there.

Eventually, as billions of people are working for networked companies – they will all gradually get more and more squeezed economically....

... because each platform will have the same need to produce more and more profits.


In the below image, notice the red line: It shows the % of wealth owned by the top 1% richest people:

                      Protecting your coins + exploding the economy
                                   Source: World Inequality Report


The area with a gray background is shows the future.... a simple prediction of what might happen in the future if the current trend continues.

My opinion is that the trend lines are too conservative. I believe that inequality will not grow in that nearly straight (linear) way.

Rather, I believe that inequality will be curving upwards even more so -- accelerating exponentially – due to the Network Effect.

The result of the masses being squeezed economically...

... with more and more of the wealth going to the top 1%...

... is 100% predictable:


The result will be chaos and the destruction of democracy and her institutions, like we see happening all over the world right now (see the streets of Paris, below):

                Protecting your coins + exploding the economy


Why does it matter if democracy is destroyed?

Democracy is something that human beings paid hundreds of millions of lives for – in World War 1 and World War 2, among many other wars and revolutions.

What a shame to let all of that investment, price paid and progress go to waste. 

If that happens, human kind will likely need to pay that same price sometime again in the future, given how horrible all other (non-democratic) forms of government are.

(And World War 3 just might spell the end of humanity, given how much more powerful and destructive today’s weapons are). 

Everywhere you look, it seems like everyone is writing about this problem, but no one seems to have a solution.

No one but you.


So what’s the solution?

The solution can only be a platform that delivers an economy to the people of the world over the web and mobile, that helps them generate earnings. 

Like other networked businesses (like Uber), the platform must also take advantage of the Network Effect, but it MUST have one important difference:

This platform must NEVER have taken money from profit seeking investors from Silicon Valley, Wall Street or anywhere else...

... so it will NEVER be forced to extract more and more profits from the community – gradually making economic slaves out of them.


How can that be done?

It is near-impossible to create such a platform without using investor capital.

If not from profit-seeking investors, where will the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be required come from?


The impossible is happening

Believe it or not, together, this community is defying the odds and making the impossible happen!

As of today, the empowr community has spent $250,000,000 USD to build the platform, and not one single penny of that has come from profit-seeking investors.

100% of that money came from the empowr community.

Together, we are so very close to having all of what is needed developed and working, for our economy to explode...

... meaning for marketplace sales between our members to explode in quantity.


As a reminder (going back to the first few sentences of this blog post) we must find keep pushing forward...

... keep knocking down obstacles...

... keep building...

... keep finding solutions...

... until, as a result of all those solutions, fixes and improvements....

... the empowr economy hits ‘the boiling point’.


When that happens, every man, woman and child on this planet will soon hear about empowr and how it can improve their lives. 

That’s the moment you will know, with certainty, that the mission will be achieved and all your hard work here...

... all your patience...

... all the frustration you have felt from time to time (because you have had to deal with an under-funded product and company) will have been worth it.

So, what will it take for that to happen...  for our economy to explode?


For our economy to explode...

... we need to see an explosion in the number of items being successfully bought and sold by our members.


To ensure that happens, let’s figure out how to do everything we can...

... to make it 100 times easier for both buyers and sellers to get what they want out of the empowr economy.


I am sure you agree that when we figure out how to do that...

... when we make it 100 easier for marketplace participants...

... the Network Effect will take it from there...

... and the empowr economy will explode. 


Today’s 3 big announcements are focused on doing just that.


Our first announcement relates to the value of your coins, and it requires a quick refresher and reminder of our coin strategy...

... so that the complex feature will make sense to everyone.


Coin strategy

As we’ve discussed, our strategy with our coin is to ensure it gets mass adoption as quickly possible. 

In other words, we want our coin to get used by millions of people quickly.


Why is that our strategy?

We believe that, in the end, there will only be 1 or 2 coins that everyone will want...

... and one of them will become the most popular currency of the world...

... with more people holding and using it than the U.S. Dollar, Chinese RMB and Euro combined.


We believe the winner will be the coin that most quickly gets the most people and merchants using it to buy and sell products and services.

And that is why we are very focused on making it easy for people everywhere to earn our coin by simply posting and sharing...

... which of course is the single, most simple activity that over 2 billion people around the world already know how to do on their phones and PCs...

... as well as by providing products and services...

... and by helping others succeed (coaching)...

... and even by trading our coin.


Of course a big part of the effort required has been for the empowr community to develop (and in many cases, invent) the products and technologies that enable all of those earning capabilities.

Another huge part of the overall effort has been developing the educational processes and organization required for new citizens to learn how to become successful in empowr.

And yet another part has been blocking fraudsters that have been looking to cheat, in order to get an unfair share of our coins for less effort, as we recently discussed.


Pay close attention please: 

Greater adoption of our coin means more people using more of our coins.

That means that to grow our coin’s adoption, we must distribute more coins to more and more people that bring value to our economy.

And to distribute more coins to more people, we need a greater supply of coins.

A greater supply of coins can very well mean a lower price on the coin in the short-term.


Is this making sense?

The strategy of mass adoption means rapidly distributing more coins to more people...

... which means rapidly increasing our supply of coins...

... which puts downward pricing pressure on our coin in the short term.

Can you see why the price of the empowr coin has had such downward pressure on it?

No other coin in the world is being provided to large numbers of people, based on their posting and sharing, products and services, coaching and trading.


As a reminder, in the long-term, our belief is that the strategy of rapid adoption should mean a higher price for our coins.

Remember, if nearly all other coins will be dead in a year or two, the one with the most adoption will go on to become the winner, and therefore could and should explode in price at that time.

To achieve that – to be the coin that survives and wins -- we must be willing to rapidly grow our supply of coins and get it to as many people as possible...

... but we must do that in intelligent ways – where the people receiving the coins are all helping greatly to build the empowr economy.


As you know, we are getting better and better at blocking people (fraudsters) from getting coins that don’t deserve it.

Along with that, we must make some gigantic moves to get more coins to the people that DO deserve it!

Are you ready?

First, let’s protect the value of everyone’s coins in the short-term

Currently, when you sell something in the marketplace, by the time the item is marked as “Item Received”, the value of your coins may have fallen, which makes it harder for you to make a profit by the time you cash out. 

Similarly, if you earned coins from the mission wheel, or from success coaching, or from any other source, the price of the coin might fall before you cash out your coins.

Yes, in the long-term, the goal is for your coins to be worth a lot more; but the strategy of mass adoption can hurt the value of your coins in the short-term.


Therefore, we are excited to make the following announcement:

empowr’s engineers have been working on a solution to stabilize the value of your coins in your empowr balance.

Regardless of the price of the coins on the exchange, your balance will remain stable.

This will apply to your maturing coins, fully matured coins and founder coins...

... regardless of how you earned them.


This means that you can now rest assured that the earnings in your balance (that may be maturing or fully matured) are maintaining their value.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

                       Protecting your coins + exploding the economy


Now, your coins get the long-term benefit of our 'mass adoption' strategy...

... as well as the short-term benefits of a 'stable coin' strategy.


With this move, empowr’s engineers will have achieved the benefits of BOTH the ‘stable coin’ strategy and the ‘mass adoption’ strategy.                                                                                        Protecting your coins + exploding the economy         


As Bob Poster likes to remind us in his videos (when he was running for president): W-TAW-TAW...

... which stands for Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way.


You, the empowr community, have never been accused of suffering from a shortage of WILL POWER

Now, marketplace sellers will know that when they sell something for, say, $100 USD worth of empowr coins...

... they’ll ultimately have $100 USD in empowr coins when it’s time to cash out.

A falling coin price (due to a ‘mass adoption’ strategy) doesn’t hurt their ability to cash out and replenish their inventory of items.

And as important as transferring out your matured coins to trade and replenish your inventory as a marketplace seller...

... is your ability to keep some or most of your coins inside your balance...

... to use them to purchase products and services.

By keeping them in your balance, your coins will not lose their value.


How does this work?

This is an incredible accomplishment of the mighty engineering team, to say the least.

So, how does it work?

Your personal empowr balance is calculated by adding up all your prior transactions...

... in some cases hundreds of thousands -- or even millions -- of transactions over the period that each of you has been an empowr citizen.

The empowr system will be auto-adjusting the quantity of coins you earned from each transaction in your history at empowr.


Let’s say that, last week, you sold something for 10 million coins.

If the value of those coins drops by about 30%, the system will increase your earnings from that sale...

... such that the transaction will now appear as having been for 13 million coins -- or the exact number of coins required to ensure the value of the transaction remains the same.


How often will all your transactions be revalued?

This process will happen approximately once every minute.

It will happen 60 times per hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

In other words, the system will be doing this for each of you, over 1,000 times each day...

... so you can rest assured that -- even when you are sleeping at night...

... if the price of the coin were to all-of-a-sudden drop by, say, 20%, you would be protected from that event within only moments from when the event took place.

Now, the value of all your prior transactions will be immune to the pricing movements of the empowr coin, especially as we rush to achieve mass adoption with our coins.


As you can probably tell, this is an incredibly expensive process from a computing perspective...

... meaning it will require a lot of powerful servers working day and night to do this for you.


However, the empowr engineers have managed to bring down the cost of doing this by nearly 85%...

... another huge achievement of the empowr engineering team.

As such, a patent is being filed for this invention.

Peace of mind for all empowr citizens

This feature should help create peace of mind for everyone earning coins from hitting their daily goals, trading coins and from the mission wheel.

It should have the same effect for Success Coaches that are busy helping students become productive in the empowr economy.

And this should also come as game-changing relief for all citizens that are providing products and services in the empowr marketplace.


What you can expect

empowr’s engineers are very, very close to launching this new feature. You can expect it to go live before 2019, meaning in the next few days.

After a few weeks, after its performance is measured, there will likely be some site downtime in mid-to-late January...

... so that hundreds of more powerful servers can be added, and your empowr balance will just smoothly and quietly perform the above calculations in order to stabilize your holdings...

... without citizens needing to ever give it another thought.


But let’s not stop there

After empowr citizens achieve peace of mind in regards to the value of their balance...

    ... what else can we do to ensure the empowr marketplace and economy will explode?


As a reminder, when we make it 100 easier for marketplace participants...

... to get what they want from the empowr marketplace and economy...

... the Network Effect will take it from there...

... and the empowr economy will explode.


How about we make it 100 times more likely for shoppers to find what they want in empowr?

Close your eyes and visualize the following:

Imagine if we can make it so empowr citizens are 100 times more likely to find EXACTLY what they wish to buy in empowr using their empowr coins.

I mean, imagine if you need a new rice cooker, and you can find exactly the make and model you want, brand new and ready to go.

Or, imagine if you want to buy a new bicycle for your nephew for Christmas, and you are able to quickly find exactly what you want!

Can you imagine quickly finding the exact clothes you want in empowr – such as those new blue jeans you’ve been looking for – exactly the right size and never before worn by anyone?


Well, it’s time to bring your imagination to life. 

Just imagine what will happen to our marketplace if anything and everything you want or need...

... is available for you to buy with your empowr coins that are maturing.


If we can do this, do you think the empowr marketplace will explode in value and sales?

Of course it makes sense that it will. And we will get much closer to accomplishing our mission.


So, with that, I am very pleased to announce a new feature that’s on the way to you.

Here’s how it works:

A.  Don’t see exactly what you want in empowr?

Don’t worry, just quickly create a new listing.

Soon, you’ll be able to not just sell things but also BUY things by creating listings:

                 Protecting your coins + exploding the economy



B.  Then, just visit your favorite e-commerce website outside of empowr such as Amazon.com, Alibaba, Target.com or ANY other site...

... find the item you want and copy its URL into your empowr listing:
             Protecting your coins + exploding the economy



C.  Add the price for the item including taxes and shipping, and add in a bonus for the seller:      

                     Protecting your coins + exploding the economy        

A bonus for the seller? 

Yes, you want sellers to be super-motivated to go to the URL you provided, buy the item for you and have it shipped directly to you.


And that’s it! 

Now when people visit the marketplace or your profile, they’ll see the items you want...

... and they can compete with each other to see who gets the opportunity to delight you with exactly what you want...

... while making a nice profit doing so!


As you can see, of course the chances of your finding exactly what you want becomes nearly 100%...

... because ALL the e-commerce websites in the world that deliver to your location...

... are now becoming your empowr shopping directory!


Finally, not only will the value of your empowr coins be protected... 

... but now your empowr coins will get you just about anything you want or need.  


That’s only half the achievement

OK, so exploding the empowr economy is only half about igniting the number of shoppers...

... by making it 100 times more likely that everyone can get EXACTLY what they want.


What else do we need to do? 

What’s the other half?

The other half is about exploding the number of sellers.


Next, let’s see if we can make it incredibly easy for sellers to make a nice profit when selling in the empowr marketplace.


Let’s make it 100 times easier for sellers to earn a profit

Today, in empowr (and everywhere) sellers have to guess what buyers might want.

They then need to do the research to find the items, and create a listing for each of them.

Then, they wait and hope for someone to buy one or more of the listings.

Most listings in empowr (and everywhere) end up without a buyer.

If they’re lucky enough to get a buyer, they then hope it doesn’t become an ‘Unpaid item’.

As you can see, it’s been difficult to sell in empowr – and everywhere.


I am so happy to show you what are working on...

... to make it 100 times easier for sellers!


Are you ready?

Remember in the last section above, when we discussed how shoppers will create their own listings for buying things?

Well, as soon as they publish their listing, it will look like this in the marketplace and in profiles:

                  Protecting your coins + exploding the economy


Notice that, in the above image, empowr citizen Md Moniruzzaman wants a necklace. 

Notice the green button, and the text to the right of the button: 

Anyone that clicks the green button, will earn $10 in profits. 

That’s not $10 in revenue but $10 in PROFIT.

Also already calculated there, $10 represents a profit margin of 45%.


As you can see, the work has already been done for the seller:

A)     Research has been conducted and an item has been found

B)    A buyer is ready to buy it

C)     The cost including taxes and shipping have been calculated

D)    A profit margin has been added for the seller, already calculated and visible


And, are you ready for this?

E)  When the buyer created their listing, at that time empowr confirmed that he or she had the funds available.

If they do not have the funds, the listing was not allowed to be published.

This means that this sale is much less likely to end up as an ‘Unpaid item’. 

But wait, it gets better.

F) When creating their listing, the buyer will have the opportunity to ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Pay Later’.

If they decide to Pay Now, the marketplace item will be marked as “Pre-paid” for sellers to see:

                     Protecting your coins + exploding the economy

No more unpaid items!!!!

Sellers that don’t want to waste a single moment on a listing that might become unpaid, should simply choose the listings that are marked with a green checkmark and ‘Pre-paid’.

G) If the buyer chose to ‘Pay Later’ (meaning it was not pre-paid) sellers can rest assured that empowr confirmed that the buyer had the required funds at the time the listing was created.

Should a seller decide they want this profit and then clicks the green button, the buyer is then charged at that time.

At that very moment, the seller will be able to see, right there and then, if the buyer’s funds were collected or not.

Even with ‘Pay Later’ items, no more unpaid items!!!


In this case, the seller finds out with just one click if the item is paid for and ready for the seller to make a profit on.

If the buyer no longer has the funds, the seller will be instantly told that...

... and the listing will be paused and removed from the marketplace listings and profiles...

... so that no other sellers will see that listing.


As I hope you will agree, it seems like it’s about to get 100 times easier for sellers to get what they want from the empowr economy – which is predictable profits.

And, since sellers (and everyone) will now be automatically protected from any downward movement in the price of the empowr coins as discussed earlier in this post...

... they will be able to quickly and more confidently cash out and get their earnings and profits...

... to replenish their funds and look for more opportunities to generate profits.


Timing and more details

Ever since the day empowr’s President Carlos announced his candidacy for president, his promise to you has been that 2019 would be all about exploding the empowr marketplace and economy.

As a result, he has focused everyone at empowr’s headquarters to be working hard throughout December including this next week...

... with the hopes and goal that they can get all of the above items to you before 2019 begins...

... so that everyone in the empowr community can start their new year with maximum strength and confidence.

There are a tremendous number of moving parts to making all of this come to life, so as always, please expect some glitches and bugs on the way to the final product.

Hopefully, you will soon report to us that all the above are working to your satisfaction.

And then, together, we’ll keep working on the next opportunities to boost the empowr economy so we can keep getting closer to the accomplishment of our mission.


Please stay tuned for updates and additional details on all the above items in the coming days....

... and get ready to earn, shop, sell, coach -- and enjoy your (now protected) empowr earnings -- like never before!


Facing reality

Ladies and gentlemen, we must continue to face the reality that the world and humanity are rapidly moving in a very dangerous direction...

... and no one is talking about any real solutions.

There are simply no solutions to be found anywhere, other than the work you are doing here at empowr.

The idea for each and every one of the features discussed above came from you, as did every single penny in resources (money) required to bring these ideas to life.

Please keep the ideas flowing, so that we can acheive the 'economy explosion' needed to successfully correct the direction of humanity before it is too late.


Any questions?

We’re here for you.

Yours truly,


Yahjindu .B . Nwaokeabia

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Wishing all a "Merry Christmas" and bright 2019.

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Carlos Andrade

Hello Paul. Such a positive vibe coming from your words. There's no leadership without a community that shares the same vision. And the experience that comes from those who are here for a longer time than me is the most valuable. Thank you for being an empowr citizen.

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Paul Sushobhan

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Hi Valerie. Thank you for your comment. Glad that you are happy with these new features. Merry Christmas... and Successful 2019!

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11 months ago
Jenni Barley

Wow! Awesome!! This is the best Christmas gift ever!! Thanks Carlos, JC and the awesome empowr team!
Really, this is a brilliant concept! Empowr rocks!!!

11 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks for great update JC, President Carlos and the presidential team, engineers everyone. Hope Empowr coin help our economy Grow along with Everyone Expectation.

11 months ago
Anthony Obaze

Wow. Great features that will make Empowr the number one social media website. Good job Mr President, JC and the team. I am very happy to be a part of this esteemed project. MERRY CHRISTMAS

11 months ago
Ifeanyi Chukwu

Thanks J C we expect high than this before 2019

11 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, JC,
Wonderful features we were waiting for them, now our coins will protect and our marketplace sales will grow and we can easily sell the item to the buyer as per their demand, excellent,

No, doubt You, Carlos, and the team working and take the best step for exploding the marketplace, I have finished the first read will review 2 more time to educate people, Thank you,

Khaleeq Ahmed

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hi Khaleeq. You are one of those that will be teaching our citizens to take advantage of our marketplace... Together we will make if the #1 Online Merchant platform!

11 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

This is an amazing news.
Thank you.
I'm so glad that I'm here and help empowr become the greatest site in the world.

11 months ago
Alik Sazonov

Если бы все те, кто с таким восторгом поддерживает каждую идею и обновление администрации сайта, несли за это ответственность - подумали бы сто раз - стоит так писать или нет. При очередном провале этого обновления, не забудьте открыть этот Блог и прочитать то, что приводило Вас в восторг! Сплошное лизоблюдство, критика удаляется. Предложения, идущие в разрез с желаниями администрации, - игнорируются и удаляются. Лично читал критику в комментариях к этому Блогу, но сейчас её нет. Сегодня доллар стоит уже 44 тысячи Монет!!!

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Привет Алик. Жаль слышать о ваших горьких словах. empowr - это сообщество, которое работает как команда. Только так мы добьемся сетевого эффекта. Мы вместе в этом проекте, чтобы выполнить миссию empowr. В успехе и в неудаче. Я никогда не видел ничего положительного, созданного из негатива. Но я был свидетелем многих побед, даже когда все казалось мрачным. Это никогда не будет неудачей, если мы продолжим строить что-то с целью. Мы терпим неудачу только тогда, когда мы сдаемся. Я надеюсь, что вы можете присоединиться к нам в строительстве будущего! Счастливых праздников!

Hello Alik. Sorry to hear about your bitter words. empowr is a community that works as a team. Only that way we will achieve the network effect. We are together in this project to fulfil empowr's mission. In Success and in failure. I never saw anything positive being created from negativity. But I witnessed many victories built even in when everything seems dark. It's never a failure if we continue to build something with purpose. We only fail when we give up. I hope you can join us in building the future! Happy holidays!

11 months ago
Ken Spence

Awesome news Team - Now I can start selling bigger and better items and also get to spend some of my coins on things I really want. It has been a long and sometimes painful road so far but 2019 is looking positive now. Best xmas news ever, thanks guys. Let's do this

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Ken. Thank you for seeing the "big picture". I am certain that you know what the road ahead will bring us. Merry Christmas!

11 months ago
Niv Dargie Tavor

Simply brilliant

11 months ago
Vasil'ev Sergey

JC, thanks for the promising update.

11 months ago
Bushra Khan

Best news ever JC, Carlos & Team. Thank you

11 months ago
Abdul Quddus Salman

To increase the demand of empowr coin this strategy could be turning point I agreed.

11 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks for the update and like this best tools will help empowr to become a best online marketplace for all.

11 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you, JC, for once again such an inspiring and hope-giving post. It is so often that I get a kick in the behind from your writings. I know it is all teamwork, but the way you are able to explain things and put things in perspective I find amazing. A strong dose of vitamin P(ositiveness). This will last for a long time. Have a wonderful Christmas all of you.

11 months ago

Such an amazing and intelligent update to the marketplace. Empowr marketplace will be the best in no distant time. Can you imagine a marketplace where everyone is already earning and has cash to shop? Thanks JC, President Carlos and the presidential team, engineers everyone. Empowr coin is going places

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Thank you Ekene fro your comment. "everyone is already earning and has to shop"... This is exactly what I believe is the magic in our marketplace! Do you know of any other place where this is possible? I don't.. and that's why WE are all here Together!

11 months ago
Katy Tanase

Good to see the marketpalace will work better, also for sellers and buyers! Good work!

11 months ago
Adekunle Adejumo

Thank you JC and the empowr team for this upcoming amazing opportunities for the citizens, empowr economy and the empowr coin. I can see the network effect having positive impact on the empowr economy globally whenever these new features are alive. Thanks once again and again

11 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

This is really great and it will elevate the empowr to the level it belongs to. Thank you Carlos and thank you JC for the super update. I want Blessed Christmas and together we go to success !!

11 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

Спасибо Джонни за прекрасные новости. я даже не мог представить себе такие замечательные обновления!!!

11 months ago
Hiral Verma

Thanks for the ongoing updates JC, In coming days we all as a community are able to shop in a better way and earn coins from selling with complete price protection. I'm also thankful to Carlos and our engineering team, who works hard to make things possible for us.

11 months ago

Thanks for update

11 months ago
Rana Mujahid Ali

Wow Nice update! Thank you for all the efforts Empowr.

11 months ago
Shahab Ud Din

Thank you, JC, Carlos and Empowr Team, for such a nice initiative. We will do our best to educate others in order to join us and be a part of such a nice platform,Empowr.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Shahab! Educating others about the amazing opportunity our community and marketplace offers is one essential piece of the puzzle that will make our marketplace explode!

11 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Thanks for the great updates, they are encouraging.

11 months ago