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Crispina Palopalo

Hi Pres. Brian. Thank you for the notice. Looking forward to hear the update/changes.
Am sure one day soon most of the issues will be addressed if not all. Goof luck everyone.
To our success!

1 month ago
William Turner

BRIAN ,PPL ARE GETTING their transfer outs pending for over a week ,its an obvious fault,you must know about why cant you tell ppl thats the case and that it will be fixed instead of leaving us all in the dark citizens must be made aware of the faults that are occurring and what is being done about them
(2) i cant imagine how much Empowr is losing at the moment ,having auto listing starting at 01 cent ,if i want to list the minimum in my currency is $1.45, AUTO LISTING SHOULD BE THE SAME , And the new wanted is a joke,no one will invest good money to purchase items if they only get worthless coins when they sell

1 month ago
Douglas Norton

I have guide trainees that have not been able to complete account or verify account with phone number for over a month now. When will this be addressed other than a message that they are working on it.

1 month ago
Sylvia Favero

Thank you for the updates. Always looking forward to them.

1 month ago
Dirgham Amous

Hi Brian ,
Looking forward for Positive News >
Short List of issues :
1. Cash Transfers >> is there an issue ? is it normal to have 2 weeks ( Pending status )?
2. Buying a Founder role >> are all the Promised benefits still Valid ( mainly 30 Days Maturation )
3. Understand Engineer have major issues But regarding all our submitted Bugs/ issues Forms , are we to really expect them resolved ? We seem to be sending ( flooding ) Forms up on the cloud with no access to behind the scene !!!

Thank You

1 month ago
Sylvie Atisse

Dear Brian,
Thank you for the update!
I have contacted thecoin@empowr.com twice for issues I am having in the marketplace and never received an answer.

1. Some of my products have been sponsored and sold.
Many of the action buttons are missing. The items have already been sent but I cannot mark it as shipped.

2. Another product sold with the same issue. No action buttons and it also shows that I earned $0 for this item.

3. I have made 2 cashouts since the 31st August 2019 and they are still pending.
Please kindly do the necessary!
I do hope that this won't affect my account concerning the 13 bars and that it will be taken into consideration. Thank you!

1 month ago
Deepa Punjabi

Hi Brian!
I'm not able to purchase product in the market place. They become unpaid item before I make the payment.

1 month ago
Teri Sologoub

Hello Brian,
I have a few questions:
1. Why is my "tracking" bar red when all my shipments have valid tracking numbers that can easily be verified.
2. My "available to spend in the marketplace" balance reduces to zero within the day. Where does it go to since I haven't spent it
in the marketplace. This is happening all the time.
3. Why is my "maturing balance" not matured.
I started with zero balance after swapping from EMPR to EMPRG back in January?
I have steadily built a healthy balance within the past 8 months.I was a "mission founder" for the first 3 months and stopped
paying when I wasn't getting any cash advances or marured coins.Within this 8 months period, I made 3 minor
purchases in the marketplace. There were system generated payments, but were also insignificant and wouldn't have made
too much of an impact.
I don't see any reasons why my maturing coins are not matured, even when taking into account that I am now on 90 days
maturation. Please clarify...
4 Are we still on schedule for a presidential vote?
I feel that we need strong leadership and guidence at this crucial time.
Many thanks...

1 month ago
Надежда Руднева

Mr, Brian!
Since the beginning of this year, all the goods that I bought, come to my page "I bought" in red with a refusal to pay.
I lost ethers in the amount of $ 15 in the month of March, despite the fact that I did not buy anything and did not conduct any advertising companies, I never made transfers.
Since the beginning of August, I have activated the ether purse, but the goods continue to arrive in red.
Since the beginning of this year, I have always had 0 on Marketing.
Many times, as well as a trainer, I contacted technical support on these issues. Several times I personally wrote to you on your Blog. But nothing was fixed and there were no answers.
I get fined for refusing to pay, despite the fact that these decisions are made by the site.
I carry out daily goals every day, but due to the red pages “I bought”, I have been experiencing continuous losses.
The website issues 1 cent per week for transfer.
On the "Wheel" very low amounts.
Is this fair?
For three years of work on the site, I have not received anything yet, including for goods sold.
Please take measures to correct errors, I want to work fully !!!

Mr, Brian!
С начала этого года все товары мною купленные на мою страницу "я купил" поступают в красном цвете с отказом от оплаты. У меня пропали эфиры в размере 15 долларов в марте месяце, не смотря на то что я ничего не покупала и не проводила ни каких рекламных компаний, трансфертов не разу не делала. С начала августа месяца у меня активирован кошелек эфиров, но товары продолжают поступать в красном цвете. С начала этого года у меня на Маркетинге стоит постоянно 0. Я много раз и тренер тоже, обращались в техподдержку по этим проблемам. Я несколько раз писала лично Вам в Вашем Блоге. Но ничего исправлено не было и ответов не было. У меня снимаются штрафы за отказ от оплаты, не смотря на то что эти решения принимает сайт. Я каждый день выполняю дневные цели, но из-за красных страниц "я купил" у меня наблюдаются сплошные убытки. На трансферт сайт выдает по 1 центу в неделю. На "Колесе" очень низкие суммы. Разве это справедливо? За три года работы на сайте я еще ничего не получала, в том числе за проданные товары. Пожалуйста, примите меры по исправлению ошибок, я хочу полноценно работать!!!

1 month ago
Ken Spence

Our coins cannot mature whilst you continue to pay us in precoins and take thousands of coins each month for power level fees and return them to zero day matured and it is still near impossible to continue to sell in the marketplace when we cannot recover our expenses. This is a money drain and is unsustainable

1 month ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

All my sales since August 5th have been cancelled because no one has matured coins to buy. Please allow both maturing and matured coins for in market purchases as it was from Jan 3, 2019 to August 5th.

1 month ago
Jenni Barley

Hello Brian and Team. I see my question has been asked and will be there to listen to your reply.

1 month ago
Valentin Beşliu

How about the 13 factors that do not "kiss" with the reality in the field?

1. Finish these doubts once and for all (in writing) (Flyer word, write script correctly.
2. How many products do I have to sell every month so that I am not red?
3. I have sold products, marked as received, I make Daily goal over 16 days and they are red at point 5, yellow at point 6.
4. What is heard of Beta that we beat the step at once!
I'll be back next week, thank you.

1 month ago
Valentin Beşliu

29 '55 citizens live18 comments, I expect to go on Youtube to see the translation.
Is that just what we deserve?

1 month ago
James B,

Hi Brian thanks for the update my best friends is thinking very hard about leaving empowr because you are hiring new engineer and paying them way much easier than business people who is selling and shipping their cost products to people only to find out that getting all earning fully matured that starts all over each month please Brian bring out the Beta as soon as possible

Question:2. We need more Intel on the buy listing we had been waiting blog announce outlining how the buy listing works and how long will a person have to wait before empowr team pays for a buy listing product after I confirm a purchase on a buy listing item so I can know when to expect my product delivery on a accurate schedule because my time is very expensive to be idling with it.

Thanks Brian for giving me hope when most of my friends is saying empowr is hopeless and breaking down my confidence thanks again and have a extraordinary day 🆗💞🌈🌅🌺🐝💗💖💜💛💚💟💝✨💕👐👍

1 month ago
Mariyam Kazakova

Здравствуйте! Я работаю 3,6 года,,, и не заработала ни цента. Как это понимать? Если Вы не можете оплачивать за работу, почему не говорите об этом людям? Или Вы хотите чтобы мы работали всю жизнь на Вас не имея ни цента? Я понимаю Вам это выгодно и Вы на этом имеетн большой капитал,,, Побойтесь Бога,,,,

1 month ago
Светлана Богданова

Присоединяюсь.Да выводила какие то копейки но за 3 года это ни очем ,когда пришла нормальная сумма то был фальшивый вывод и писание в тех поддержку и коучеру ничего не дал.Мне сказали что я не сделала скрин и вообще не работаю. хотя мое место в лидерах - 30 по России , 431 по миру и у меня 6 работающих групп

1 month ago
Татьяна Сазонова

У меня 5 по России и 63 по миру. За 4 года, при каждодневной работе и выполнении всех заданий я не получила еще не цента. Дважды пропали эфиры, Силу "Фантазер", оплаченную еще в ноябре месяце 2017 года не включили по сей день. Трижды сайт "опускал" ниже оранжевого уровня. На маркетинге стоит 0 уже очень давно. В самые "лучшие" периоды предоставлял на транзакции по 1 центу в неделю. За отправленные товары на рынке не получила не разу оплату, хотя получение товара покупатели отмечали.
Господа администраторы, где Ваша совесть?

1 month ago
Светлана Богданова

Join.Yes escorting a penny in 3 years is nothing ,when they came to a normal amount that was a false conclusion and writing those support and coach gave nothing.I was told that I did not screen and do not work. although my place in the lead - 30 in Russia , 431 the world and I have 6 working groups

1 month ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks. Brain..

1 month ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks for the update !

1 month ago

Thnks fr update

1 month ago
Robin Saikia

No one is sending any item That I have purchased. What can I do. If I raise dispute, address bar will be red. Also I fear to shipped item that I have sold, Because I did not received enough money even it is marked as received. If sometime get some cash out coin price will goes almost zero in next one or two days. Why each time we are facing same problem. Everyone their came to earn not to empty their pocket. So do something Genuine.

1 month ago
Dun General

Please leaders of empowr a citizen like me need to say that this Empowr platform should be kept trusted for the citizens to be faithful on what they are doing and also make easier for one to transfer out and have mind on working more because when working and be earning but you can transfer out it make no sense.

1 month ago
Billy Brandon

Hello, I had a question for this week. Is there any news on the reported issue of referred people not showing up? For example if I invited someone to empowr they are not showing up under me or as my student. They go to who knows where.
I get the $20 but I do not get them as a personally referred member.

1 month ago
Joshua VoVillia

Hi Brian,

I have reported several bugs with the Buy Listings feature, and I'm sure the team is aware with some of the bugs, like not being able to set the item as received, and was wondering if it's a high priority of getting sorted out?

Also, I have been having issues accessing the Official Empowr chat on Telegram for the past week, was it removed?

Thank you in advance for your help and I hope you and the team have a great weekend!

1 month ago
Muhammad Fayyaz

now a days no earning no cash out no coins trading no latest update no info about beta launch whats going no one is online on skype. every one is asking about the update but we have update. Please clear all things. Thanks.

1 month ago

Dear Brian

Youkali is the SUPER and currently most populated Country on empowr, which I have the honor to co-administer. It is not the first time I am raising the issue that the country's account remains incomplete for more than 10 months. The SC coach claims that she can't help. My numerous e-mails to you (see here http://prntscr.com/p31h4p ) and repeated reminders, remain in a startling and abrupt way unanswered and ignored. What else remains to be done? Please advise.


1 month ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova


1 month ago
Somulu Arikrishnan

what is the latest i can look for

1 month ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

1 month ago
Middle Earth

(2) SHIPPING: I mentioned the shipping in our last #55 empowr live stream, that the buyer cover the cost of shipping, like on any other sale sites. And you replied, *(So what you basically saying, my understanding, correct is, we should force everyone to pay with their credit card*. We are no different than Ebay and well completely lose our competitive advantage, and the reason why we have a competitive advantage over sites like amazon & Ebay, is people are earning within the platform, & can spend those earnings on the things they want to buy, where on Amazon & Ebay, you got to have a job somewhere, to figure out, how to make money, so you can buy things that you want there. We have all enclosed into one platform. So, if we don't get people the ability to buy things with their coins, that they earn here. Then what the point in anything, what we are doing. That is the reason, and it will always be the reason, why, we allow people to use their coins, to buy things in the marketplace, because, that is the main thing that we are focussed on with this platform is having an successful economy, where your earnings, your spending, your selling, your doing all these different things that happen in the regular world, but within our platform. No other platform has something, quite like that, so that is the reason why that is there)*.
SOLUTION/REPLY: Firstly, I didn't imply forcing people to pay via credit card etc, for the whole marketplace, *Just fo the buyer to cover the cost for SHIPPING (ONLY)*, as it can become very expensive for the seller to ship their items to the buyer via Track N Trace. And that was my comment concerning CASH SHIPPING.
And I totally understand that the empowr marketplace is unique, as you can use your coins to buy items within the empowr marketplace, I have no issue with that. What I was referring to is that the buyer cover the cost for SHIPPING with their cash to have an item they brought from the seller. For me personally it can cost anywhere from $20 to $25 NZD to ship items worldwide from NZ via Track N Trace. Which can affect me financially, especially if I'm on a lower income. On other sale sites, I have no problems, as the buyer pays for shipping.

PLEASE look at the enclosed example of the *PAYMENT OPTIONS AND SHIPPING DETAILS* >>>> http://prntscr.com/p2ld1j

1 month ago
Middle Earth

(1) ETHER: If trading volume is so important to allow trading on the exchange, ether needs to be kept solely for that reason & not used to cover any shortfall in our empowr coin sales.
It is just a repeat of the same past scenario when the withdrawal of cash from our Credit card, was used for this same reason. Which has caused the same major disapproval response, from our empowr citizens.
SOLUTION: If you need ether to finance the empowr platform, why not look at a low monthly registration for everyone, say somewhere from $10.00 USD to $15.00 USD. Why this amount, because of the uncertainty, fluctuation of the US Dollar, and it will be very manageable for the low or beneficiary empowr citizens income, plus, it will deter the spammers.
Lets say for example, based on $10.00 registration, you had 1000 active empowr citizens per month, that would equate to $10,000.

1 month ago
Pete Daily

A lot of citizens have had difficulty buying ethereum. Can Empowr sell it to those citizens so that they won't have incomplete accounts?

1 month ago
Nure Alam Siddiquee

Greetings Mr, Brian.
Why don't All guides are not active recent days. I dont get anyone when i need them. please take-care this issue. By the way, When The Beta going to launch?

1 month ago