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Dont Get Caught Up!

by Paul Osborne on February 15, 2018

The old saying about if you lay down with dogs you wake up with flea's...has a lot of merit. Sometimes we trust people we have no real reason to trust, other than they gave us a good time, they are fun to be around, they are the life of the party, they flash a lot of money...heck all the above. If you are around certain people, just the listed above reasons alone can give the understanding about how easy it is to get caught up. I personally have been around certain people, partied with them and the end result was life changing events, i have dated certain types of women, and voila! was in certain situations that i could have easily avoided by paying attention to whom i was hanging around with. If a person does not side on the side of logic, and fair play, with the desire for knowledge and wisdom and