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Part 3:  empowr -  is there really any need?

Hello everyone!

As a reminder, we are discussing WHY empowr has been developed.

The reason for diverting any of your valuable attention to that topic, is because of a series of new features that need to be launched soon.

We need everyone’s guidance!

But we need that guidance with the assurances that, the people giving it, understand why empowr is being developed.


A summary of the discussion thus far:

1.  First, we discussed that, as a result of globalization and automation, jobs are disappearing -- and this trend is gaining momentum as software and computers get more powerful and get cheaper by the year.

2. Then, we discussed that history tells us that when people lose their jobs in big numbers, dictators, strongmen and fascists seem attractive as leaders...

And the result can be an erosion of the democratic institutions that took centuries, bloodshed and sacrifice to achieve.



Today, let's discuss one possible solution.

Imagine for a moment that a product could be brought to the global masses…

… over the Internet and mobile phones.


Imagine this product is:


1.  ... more than anything else, an economy:

It must have ECONOMICS as its core focus -- not just social communication (ala Facebook or other social media products)

As a reminder, the definition of ECONOMY is: The means of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.


2.  ... scalable:

That means it must provide a virtually unlimited number of people a way to focus and get to work in its economy.

In other words, it cannot be handing out money or "jobs" -- as that would of course have limits...

... but it must have an open door policy to every single person that wants to join...

... to be able to immediately start providing economic value to others -- meaning the ability to instantly produce, distribute and consume products and services.


3.  ... built without financial investors:

And it must focus on the enrichment of the people it serves, as opposed to enrichment of financial investors.

This is a difficult objective because of the amount of resources it takes to build the platform.

If investor capital is utilized, then of course the platform would belong to the investors who took the risk, and therefore any future profits would belong to them.

Did you know? Facebook raised over $1 Billion before it achieved profitability and didn't require more investor capital?

The platform must be built without outside capital, so that there will never be the conflict of paying users more or paying investors more dividends...

... which is a conflict that the rich and powerful (the financial investors) will ultimately win.

       ***The only way for the people to win is to not bring in investors.***

And that means attracting and retain employees that believe in the empowr mission enough to work for no pay, or very little pay, for a long period of time.

Ultimately, it could later bring in investors, if it does so in a manner where they would have no control provisions, and where it can ultimately remove them.


For investors to accept such an investment structure, the platform would have to be quite developed and mature as a company. In other words, the risk level of the investment would need to be small.


4.  ... democratic:

Along with keeping out financial investors, it must retain the ability to ultimately function as a true democracy.

It must learn from (and take advantage of the lessons about) what went right with democracies around the world, and what went wrong -- so that it can avoid some of those same pitfalls.

For the platform to ultimately stay relevant to the needs of the citizens it serves, it would need to have its leaders come from the citizens.

At empowr, we call such a process, a "peaceful revolution" -- the removal of old leaders so that new, passionate leaders, with new ideas and fresh energy can take charge for a period of time...

... until such time that they too, must be replaced with new, fresh and energetic leaders.

That constant renewal of leaders is what will keep the platform relevant to the needs of its citizens...

... and it must be the citizens (not investors or shareholders or anyone else) that should decide which of the available candidates best understand the problems; have the right solutions for those problems; and have the ability, sincerity and motivation to fight for the success of those solutions.




Obviously, I am discussing what, together, we are all trying to build with the empowr platform.


In summary, the people of empowr (employees, success coaches and citiens) believe a potential solution to the global problem we are facing....

(the economic upheaval and joblessness caused by globalization and automation...

... that, in turn, is causing the erosion of democracies around the world)

... is a global electronic platform…

... built from the ground up to help a virtually unlimited number of people become productive economically...

.... a platform without financial investors…

… and with management democratically elected by the platform's citizens.



Seems straightforward enough, I'm sure you agree:

With enough time to work on such a problem, eventually such a platform will get good enough to truly serve its citizens...

... true?




There is a very serious conflict in the above strategy…

an obstacle that can cause such a platform to NEVER be able to achieve the critical mass it needs to ultimately succeed…

… an issue that can (and will) ultimately lead to the failure of the platform -- unless, somehow, a successful solution can be found.



In the next post, we'll discuss that conflict…

… so we can all put all our best minds together to see if we can find one or more solutions.



Before we go there, let's hear your thoughts on the above. 





As a friendly reminder, as continually discussed:
   1.  As a service to the readers of this blog, I will delete all unrelated comments; 
   2.  Rememebr, readers are NOT visiting this blog post to discuss any specific issues that you or your account are experiencing.

Again, please post your unrelated (to the topic o this post) thoughts somewhre else, like in your own blog post, and/or reach out to your success coach to address any personal account-related issues.


Valentin Beşliu

Useful information beneficial to follow best.
I think the results will appear!
Work, interest, patience, performance ... that's the way we want to go.
Thanks for the updates shared.

41 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

We love a lot of improvements that came up by basing 4 points that you added here to direct our mission goals. We accept a big discussion on conflicts may arise and finding immediate solutions. Keeping our eyes on your next steps :)

41 months ago
Deanna Moretti

And what is the conflict?

41 months ago
Johnny Cash

Stay tuned, my friend, and in the next post, we shall discuss the very serious conflict.

41 months ago
Ninja Model

JC, I agree with you and I am really proud of your decision of keeping the investors out.. as for sure they might have been grabbing the major prtion of the proofit generated.. So this is a win win situation to all the empowr citizens..

41 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

This is the platform I've been looking for, I'm glad JC and company you are working tirelessly to make Empowr owned by its citizens. I do agree with you that you must not invite investors to come in to this company because Empowr will be controlled by few individual enriching themselves more and more. This is a good idea. JC, I've got some few questions which needs to be addressed, though my questions are not related to this topic.

41 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Maybe I'm jumping too far ahead, but I think I see the problem clearly. It's a human resources one. You are looking for people like me who believe in the mission of empowr and the unlimited nature of its design... virtually limitless in the products and services you can offer and the leads provided. Limitless... and at the same time you have been forced to impose limits to deter cheaters. It is a great contradiction which will need to be addressed. You cannot impose limits in an unlimited environment or you will quickly bore and lose the very individuals you are seeking to attract (high achievers seeking to aid in your mission and become your newest generation of leaders.) The extreme limits imposed upon the lowest (new!) level users will chase away all high achievers, the very seeds you desire to plant themselves here.

41 months ago
Jo Byers

I totally agree that the citizens are the most important aspect and that the citizens are what runs Empowr. My problem with goods and services is that if you are providing physical goods it is hard on people who need the cash out of the physical goods waiting unlimited time to get that cash. We have a thing called Sumter4Sale whereby you post what you have for sale and you meet in your local area to exchange cash for the stuff you have. I see that is where the circle of trust within your area is coming from, but we get the cash immediately not in 90 days when it is matured. In order for that to work here at Empowr we would need a tracking part of the system to pay out monthly the purchases that were paid minus the fees of course. Hopefully that is coming soon?

41 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for sharing your thoughts - the marketplace is one area of the platform that we are going to be hyper-focused on improving over the coming weeks and months, with the primary objective of eliminating as much friction for buyers and sellers as possible. Please keep thinking of any other pain points you see with the current marketplace so that as we start making improvements, we can keep those top of mind as items to fix/improve.

41 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Brian,

Thanks for all good news coming up with the marketplace. We are waiting... :)

41 months ago

I agree with the concept of keeping outside investors away from empowr to keep the community and citizens secure and safe for a long period . I hope we can find creative solutions to save our electronic platform soon.

41 months ago
Ayodele Asalu

Thank you JC,

This is laudable idea to keep citizens in charge/ownership we looks forward to your next post

41 months ago
Personlab Yb

Друг я и наша Русскоязычная команда верим в empowr и готовы нести миссию и идею в массы, но есть одна проблема... Мы плохо а точнее вообще не знаем английского языка что затрудняет нам сдачу тестов на тренеров успеха... Давайте мы решим как нибудь этот вопрос и уверен все у нас получится...
С уважением Юрий Барагин.
Привет всем :)

41 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich


41 months ago
Personlab Yb

Привет Оксана я тебе письмо отправил на почту )

41 months ago
Obado Chrisphine

following to discuss the conflict ahead, good ideas

41 months ago
Reigo Reimets /Northern Lights Country Citizen/

***The only way for the people to win is to not bring in investors.*** - I AGREE.
What about that idea: one possibility to bring into the Empowr extra money from outside is: to make an aditional place inside the Empowr platform where is just advertisements from outside the Empowr (left side.. I mean where right now are small icons) If there would be small icon and I know that that place would be full of advisements and if citizens are going there and clicking/watching the advertisements citizens can earn extra money.. I think: this is so good community with lots of people and I am sure that there would be companies who would like to put their ads here.. why not then to give them that possibility.. win-win situation to everybody..
It would be just like renting advertisement area (example banner 150*300pix) - same as newspaper sells advertisements in online newspaper.. its not the same as going to stock market..
Like I said: just an idea.. :)

One thing more:
I agree, that marketplace is one part of the community, BUT - there is no point buying things you actually don´t need.. or make bids with ridicilous amounts (for cheap things). I personally - buy only things (in everyday life too) I need in my life.. not because I am obliged to.

I have been here since april 2016 and I like that place.. and I like to see how it improves.
With sunshine :)

41 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Reigo,
You are absolutely correct in that by bringing in outside advertisers, those new revenues will be able to go right back out to empowr citizens, so the question is why not do that now?
The answer is based on the traffic of empowr. As empowr's usership grows, so will its ability to sell those ads. We just need to see more growth first, so that the revenues coming in from that new source are more than the cost of building the ad revenue team (sales people and operational people). Otherwise the net/net result is breakeven, or worse, a net loss (which decreases cash outs to empowr citizens). So ad revenues will definitely be a source one the traffic grows further.
And finally, we need to ensure that the outside ads don't drive up the CPC (cost per click) for empowr citizens, because their needs come first.

41 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Great post Johnny,

I love it becuase you teach people a lot ,and this way more people will understand exactlyt what empowr is all about. The Best Social Democratic system that you can join without any investment. A very great opportunity for us all! :) :)

41 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Without a big time investors and if all paying their fees both pay now or pay later, I think Empowr community survive since there are many users worldwide are actively using the site. I totally agree that investor can come later after the Empowr platform are quite developed and more mature company. That way investor has no chance to overrun the community and company rules.

Looking forward for the improvement of the marketplace and the new features you´re mentioning above.

41 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Katherine,
The improvement of the marketplace is a big focus that is coming up later this month (July)... stay tuned....

41 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Learning never ends and so with Empowr giving its best to find out the right approach and platform that will benefit all citizens and get protected from erosion of democracies around the world. Thank you for giving focus and trust on the enrichment of citizens instead to the investors who will take the share which really makes sense. Working together to make our marketplace the best place to get our products and services be distributed. It seems Empowr are endlessly studying so many features and some sort of trial and error which everyone can work together and achieve our goal. Inconveniences and not meeting what we expect happens but for sure Empowr is looking into that. It might not be easy be ut very happy that we're working on to something. Love you Empowr for always finding some ways and means and can't wait for another feature to come.
Thank you JC and to all the staffs.
Hi to all :

41 months ago
Brit Duvs

Crispina, I have to say I completely agree and appreciated your post. empowr is a new concept- and so it seems we just need to keep working and trying things to see what works best. There is no doubt that the empowr team is working really, really hard to improve the experience for us all!

41 months ago
Richard Burger

yes the serious conflicts, yes facebook had to face alot of them when they started out years ago before they went public,
believe it or not I thought facebook was a joke back in the day one univerisity playing on another spamming me at hotmail.
I am just going to say watch the movie but it only tells half of the story I am a Man of God and well didn't like there way of living it.
Getting back to this I look forward to more talks on this serious conflicts that goes on with all economies, you have to be willing to change or adjust to that current times like what hurt United States in the first place back in 2002 the price of gas cause it all and the economy took a turn causing businesses to go out because they couldn't afford the rising prices of shipping goods then in 2014 it started to take a turn for the good price of fuel took a drop to record lowes which in turn help the economy grow and more and more businesses are building more to make a stronger economy. Prices is the key to success. Now I will leave it at that, looking forward to next blog.

41 months ago
Teri Ross

I also agree with not allowing outside investors. But why not allow outside ADVERTISERS who would have no say so in how the platform was run, but would add money to the economy. I don't mind seeing outside ads if it means we could get paid sooner. Why not allow large corporations to spend some of their money in our community?

41 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I'm quoting JC from an early comment that addresses your question:

"You are absolutely correct in that by bringing in outside advertisers, those new revenues will be able to go right back out to empowr citizens, so the question is why not do that now?
The answer is based on the traffic of empowr. As empowr's usership grows, so will its ability to sell those ads. We just need to see more growth first, so that the revenues coming in from that new source are more than the cost of building the ad revenue team (sales people and operational people). Otherwise the net/net result is breakeven, or worse, a net loss (which decreases cash outs to empowr citizens). So ad revenues will definitely be a source one the traffic grows further.
And finally, we need to ensure that the outside ads don't drive up the CPC (cost per click) for empowr citizens, because their needs come first."

41 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Nimic nu rezista fara investitii,aici investesti platind la inceput din buzunarul tau,asteptind o perioada maturizarea care in unele cazurii se lasa asteptata,in banca daca depui o mica suma de bani ti se ia dobinda pentru ca iti tine bani ,iti dau si ei dobinda ca se folosesc de bani tai dar una cu alta este cam aceeasi suma .Deci cotizatia de inceput ca este taxa sau nu este folosita pentru plati la cei vechi ,vinzarile la fel se asteapta maturizarea dar tu produsul il distribui ,bani intra in balanta si il vei avea dupa ce se achita consumul care se achita mai greu ca este zilnic foarte mare.Deci politica este buna pentru afacerea empowr decat pentru utilizatorii dar FanBox -Empowr este o platforma unde conteaza ceea ce faci pentru ceilalti nu pentru tine deci cu totii inainte si sa fie cit mai unita comunitatea multumesc............................................................................................................................................
Nothing resist without inventions, here you invest paying at the begin of your pocket, waiting a period the mature wich in some cases is waited, in bank if you deposit a smal amount of money a tax is took because they keep your money, they give you a tax because they use your money but one with another is the same amount. So the tax even if its a tax or not is used for paying to the old ones, sales are the same, you wait to mature but you are sharing a product, the money enter at balance and you'll have it after you pay the use wich is harder because is higher everyday. The policy is good for the empowr business beside for the users but FanBox- Empowr is a platform where count what you do for the othersnot for you so everybody forwardad and let's be a united comunity, thank you..........................................

41 months ago
Carlos Guerra

Hello everyone!
We are very happy with the new changes established without us between us, a competition, to devote more time and I see really what has been achieved is a better quality of Lifeless need to stay many hours; and achieve the objective of not being in a business that takes away a long time; congratulations on the new change.
And I'm sure that together we will find the best way out for not depend on external investors.

41 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

Thank you a lot for this blog.If we will working together Empowr will be soon more strong like Fb. I am sure.

41 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Hello every one here calls himself as an Empowr member,
I agree with the concept to keep the investors out side of empowr.

I am just giving a small very small hint regards this.

To be able to have a share in this market you must do 2 things:
1_ Give an affordable price to your service.
2_ The service should give you the value for your Money.

This will keep getting more customers, as will as more profits for both.

Best wishes

41 months ago
Regan Jeya Antony

Rightly said. How much traffic facebook could have generated all these years and how much could have been earned by the investor until now and what do the users get??? Simply nothing. So its best to avoid the outside investors. Proud to say that we the citizens of empowr are the investors and the beneficiaries.

The real CONFLICT begins here...Lets say out of 6000 trusted citizens I get a share of daily 50-75. It simply means that either they do not understand the concept or reluctant to invest first to earn. If they did not understand the concept they would have not joined empowr. Then what keeps them away from empowr after working for a couple of weeks or even 1-2 months??? We should find the answer ASAP to keep up the economy as everyone relies on the other fellow citizen. (It would be better if only trusted citizens of last one week could have been listed on Trusted People page. There would be no trust in a person who could turn back after a couple of weeks or so)

I still find no clue on the benefit of sponsoring here in empowr... If no one pays for a product then how does a citizen benefit from selling/sponsoring? Still I have a pending amount of 500+ in marketplace. I hope many of the bidders have left it seems then who would pay?? This concept should be adjusted to somewhat like this to get benefited.
* There should be no irregular bidding
* There should not be any wastage of bids i.e when someone bids that should be the highest and no duplicates and lower bids
* When the first bid is placed, 10% of the actual bid should go to the seller/sponsor from the bidder with immediate effect. So as of now the bidder has the product just like sponsoring... when the next one shows interest in its bids, ultimately the 10% should go to the original seller/sponsor and another 10% goes to the previous bidder. That way every bidder who helps other citizens to earn also getting earned. So even the last bidder pays 10% each to the previous bidder as well as the original seller/sponsor and of course the original seller/sponsor gets his money immediately and the last bidder has the product to sell now. There should be no extra payment afterwards as pending or in any manner.
* If a seller leaves empowr and the product is still on sponsoring (as of now) who would ship the product to whom and those all shares from that drama would have been wasted. So if not this option at least empowr should find out some solution to keep up to the standards.
* So there should be no compulsion to sell/bid. If someone wants to earn can sell or even bid to get higher profit (regarding limitation)

The limitation in posts helps everybody and empowr never went wrong but limited sharing means empowr citizens are all bound to go about bidding for irrelevant items even without requirement. That can be avoided. Lets say "a share" earns a citizen for the first 24 hours so if a citizen gives back the shares to that person within 24 hours of getting his shares...then ultimately the shares he has is not spent. Thus he gets back his shares so there can be a monthly quota and this will impress the citizens to give it back within 24 hours to retain the shares he has and everyone would grow together unlike now almost 5950/6000 citizens' shares wasted. The penalty can be obtained and calculated as a fee so as to buy the required shares when necessary (if all the shares have been finished as a penalty). So everyone would love to work everyday at least for some time for the sake of the trusted ones. As far as I think of, it would have been better to have a capping of 250 for a level per month (orange star 1000, green star 2000, blue star 3000 and so on). If not better get a better idea to solve this crisis situation.

Other recent announcements and changes are really a perk like badges, accelerated matured cash outs and all.

If everything is looked into as mentioned above or in a similar way I hope empowr would be with trusted people alone. Best Wishes

41 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Regan,

1) Based on your 6000 citizens case, I am just adding my thoughts
Of course, there are some other additional strategies to decide OR build trust with citizens here, but my focus here with your point on citizens who are coming and leaving. I don't think of having any valid reason why empowr should keep a record who are leaving OR staying here. Because our economy model is different than any other outside capital. You must have realized in recent posts that came out against of cheaters. Do you think all these cheaters are not trusted citizens? Even if it costs our economy, we do not want to keep those citizens and empowr is not to run aiming to keep more citizens here. If that was the case, we are bigger than billions in count already. empowr cares for citizens and standards while keeping balanced economy here. We only need WILLING citizens who can support our mission goals.

2) Sponsoring does a lot even if it ends up no one paying for it at the end - including
-> More focus on auction listings
-> Raising up bidders that can make easy process to maximize circle of trust
-> Monetize circle of trust is almost easy when they have maximized circle of trust
-> Now citizens can spend less time on site to earn from postings because all gauges coming up in seconds OR minutes with bidding activities
-> Citizens were focused on investing their profits on 0-day PU and 0-day ad platform fee to increase more of earnings
-> As you know , we get more accelerated matured cash-outs when we have increased power levels.
It is that simple. Isn't it?

3) If you think that you are having irregular bids, then you must have considered changing buyer requirements while listing products. This can just solve irregular bids, OR decides who can only bid on items.

4) I am not sure if I can understand your 10% bid sharing. Please discuss with your coach to understand how sponsor OR original seller getting paid for each sale on sponsored listings.

5) If seller leaves empowr - this case can be solved in disputes and refund can be processed in most of the cases by our marketplace representative.

6) Having these daily limits can help to keep the balanced system, that no one should take advantage of the system and helps to spend less time while earning more. But these are not mandatory requirements to fulfill daily, as it only hurts YOUR EARNINGS if you don't post anything :)

7) Having shares/ likes doesn't generate any earnings on your posts. Please check your coach why these activities really matter.

41 months ago
Regan Jeya Antony

Sorry you did not understand my ideas and just gave a typical SC reply. These are not complaints. First of all you should have some respect on others' thoughts. Why JC is discussing all these here??? Because empowr needs everyone's ideas to go further farther. If you have spent at least just 1 minute on each topic and think about the pros and cons of it, then you could have given a valuable reply. Sorry not to mention you, but I must say there are a lot of SCs who beat around the bush like this.

41 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Regan,

Let's wait for our next post explaining more about serious conflict, so that we may contribute. I am not sure if I missed your valid points, and hoping that some of our leaders can address it soon :)

41 months ago
Sam Shirazi

I love this paragraph :
(At empowr, we call such a process, a "peaceful revolution" -- the removal of old leaders so that new, passionate leaders, with new ideas and fresh energy can take charge for a period of time...)

But is it means i can come back to SC program despite old leaders don't allow it happens to me?

41 months ago
Robert Wise

I'm a "NEWBIE" to this EMPOWR platform and LOVE IT, so far! The ONLY problem I have with it at the moment, is being a NEWBIE, I have no idea HOW MUCH THIS IS COSTING ME...OUT OF POCKET??? This is something that must be addressed and as far as I can see, is NOT. Sure, there is a running balance of Earnings and Revenue...What is the running balance that is going to be charge to my Debit card AND "When?" I'm on a Fixed Income and REALLY NEED TO KNOW!

41 months ago
Ken Spence

Multiply your utilised ad credits by 2.95%
That will be your monthly fee - from this you deduct the percentage relevant to your power level to be paid from your balance. The remainder, you pay with your own money. You will get 50% of that back as cash out

or you can choose the new $19.99 a month option

or you can choose to pay nothing upfront but you will earn more slowly

Hope that answers your question

41 months ago
Ciordas Lucia (DANUBIA citizen)

Bun venit JC! Da, fara investitori. Nu fara ECO! Da, fara escroci! Da, fara manipulari si pentru corectitudine. Multumesc pentru timpul redus!

41 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

When I entered Fanbox and that many years ago, were still congressmen founders, I entered this what you're talking JC, because the owners and owners of Fanbox were the same members without investors who accountable and who profits will carry what was being created and consolidated. Right now do not know where you going with this post, excuse me maybe I misunderstand and I translate for google translator and may not understand correctly. I think and I think it should continue igual¡¡ that no investor hand goal in this community for the good of all. I also pointed out more than once to look for companies that want to publish in this community as AMPLICA would not be difficult, paying a small fee that benefits the community, I have also pointed out the idea that to make the market more serious and effective, buyers should pay a small amount of pocket money and so too would enter the community. Do not know if this contributes ideas and if they are valuable, but I have always tried to find solutions to problems even when talking about them always with respect and suggesting. A greeting and we are waiting for his new post to see if just understand where we go - Greetings to you and all the team EmPowr

41 months ago
Safy M M

I'd say that the proposal currency website Empower remain united means Dollar equal pound equal to euro-yen is equal to equal to any currency appreciate deal and true. Because we are working to unite the job remains the best currency was reported and the surest and attract people to the website

41 months ago
Naked Guy

I know lots of you are working hard to improve the marketplace situation from a lot of different angles.

My problem is that the system would not take my USD that I had available in my Marketplace
account to pay fees.

Now my account is virtually wasted/bankrupted. Nothing has been done to fix this issue.
What I am I supposed to do? Is anyone planning to fix it or am I just Sh*tOutOfLuck?

I could really use the money I would have had if my account was operating correctly.

41 months ago