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How to get Ether

by The Empowr Team on July 25, 2018

How to get Ether

In order to sell (or buy) EMPR coins, you must have a small amount of Ether in your external wallet. This is to cover gas costs on the blockchain.  


Step 1: You need an Ether wallet 

Don't have one? Don’t worry, it only takes seconds to get one and it’s free! Learn how


Step 2: You need to buy some Ether, this can be done with a credit card here:

  • CEX.IO (Best option outside the U.S.)


Step 3: You now have Ether in your Ether wallet 

Learn how to send Ether to empowr to purchase empowr coins or Mission Role


If you know of any other sites that make purchasing Ether in specific regions easy, please comment below so we can add for easy access for all citizens! 


Morris Amule Vucia

That's great to know.

11 months ago
Viktor Balashov

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Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks Empowr Team.

15 months ago
Glen Cruzen

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14 months ago

Thanks Empowr team.

14 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thank you The Empowr Team

15 months ago
Md.Yeasin Ahammed

Detect Paid For Purchase EMPOWR Coins By PayPal. Then It's Very Easy For Coin Sales.

13 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Few people have come across this blog, proof ... few comments!
Can not copy-translate!
It would be beneficial, thank you.

14 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

Thx for sharing, have a great day :)

15 months ago
David Bruyland

Good Guide-blog. Thanks!

12 months ago
Purna Sial

Buy buy from local

6 months ago
Juwel Mia

Good empowr welcome

8 months ago
Namanya  Robert


21 days ago
Ammad Naeem

Please i need a 2$ for purchase the eth...can anyine help me?

3 months ago
Dadabhoyar62@gmail.com Bhoyar

this is a fake

5 months ago
Emily Yana

me too are botherd how to buy ether

6 months ago
Heraclea Jayectin

Tenk co empowr morning world

7 months ago
محمد الشاوش

Thank you

8 months ago
Rasaq Taofeek

Pls I send 2$ ,i convert it to ETH account ,you gave mr

8 months ago

wooh this is good

8 months ago

این پروزه بسیار عالی است،و جای ان در جهان ارتباطات خالی بود ،پیش به سوی نسل چهارم وب،،

10 months ago
Rodelio Reposar

I suggest Coins.ph etherium wallet for the Philillipines

10 months ago
Draco Lucifer

thanx members

10 months ago
Shailendra Singh

Thanks for sharing this nice update.

11 months ago

Спасибо буду знать когда заработаю их.

11 months ago
**Nick Mare** :-)

I carefully read the comments and saw a lot of problems faced by users. I have been on FaBox for over 5 years now. During this time I wrote a lot of flaws that I encountered. But during this time not one has been solved here! This has long alerted me!? And many users themselves can draw conclusions ....

11 months ago
Ashish Subba

Hello everyone.

11 months ago
Muhammad Yaseen

Good morning all.

11 months ago

Please someone help me to be fully impowed in this group please

11 months ago
Amit Rana

Very good

11 months ago
Abuojaylah Aljourni

This site facilitates the process of buying and selling ETH, BTC .....

11 months ago


11 months ago
Umutcan Bostancı

My balance 8.348e but I cant transfer balance to my wallet. Please help !!!!!

11 months ago
Jimmy Torres03


11 months ago
Chafik Brahime

am still confused,

11 months ago
Naryosket Sket

Thanks 4 all

11 months ago
Ghazy Ali

thank you empower team

11 months ago
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Arshad Mujawar


11 months ago
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11 months ago
Samar Chandra M

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12 months ago
Haris Haris

Hello everyone I am now

12 months ago
Char Chart

How I used with changely wallet?

12 months ago
Bun2 Chan

I am difficult for used wallet because it has so many address ,did brother or sister can introduction me?

12 months ago