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Update on empowr strategy and progress

Hello everyone,  

It’s been a while since you and I have spoken, although our President Brian has been posting periodically and consistently holding weekly video live streams to ensure everyone stays up to date.

A lot has been happening back here in our offices in San Diego, California – so I wanted to give you a brief update.

As you may know, much of our attention as a community and company in the last year, has focused on incorporating cryptocurrency in to our offerings, and it took a few steps to evolve at our ‘final destination’ with our coin strategy, which we called MAAS – for Mass Adoption And Stable.

For our newest members, that means that when you earn and use the coin in the empowr economy, while your funds are in the economy, it remains stable in that its value won’t go up or down (it’s tied to the value of your local currency such as U.S. Dollars, Euros or British Pounds).

However, when you cash out your coins and take them out of the empowr economy, its value is allowed to appreciate or depreciate.

For a look at our latest cryptocurrency strategy and approach, you can read this post.

After our engineers accomplished nearly everything that required to enable that MAAS approach, it has become clear that our major innovation period is now behind us.

That means we must prepare to move from our Alpha phase to our Beta phase, and open up the platform so that people from all over the world can experience everything that this community has been able to bring together.

Moving to Beta

We are now rushing to launch our Beta product on August 5th, 2019.

There are 3 big things that we need to accomplish before that, and everyone has been quietly but rapidly working on those three things:

1.  Cutting our computer hardware infrastructure cost

Soon, when we go into Beta and start our marketing efforts, we expect our consumption of computer servers to rise very significantly.

When that moment arrives, it will be too late for our engineers to do everything required to significantly reduce these costs.

Therefore, as you might remember from our earlier posts, over the last 90 days most of our engineering time has been spent on reducing our server costs, in preparation for growth.

And while major parts of the process are now complete, we’re still not 100% there. There is about 10% of the work remaining.

For example, you may have noticed that you’re not receiving many emails from empowr. Once the work is complete, you will be receiving emails again.

The part that you likely will not notice is, that as a result of all this work, the cost of hosting our product has already dropped by about 66%, meaning that – as we go forward -- we will be able to support three (3) times more citizens for what our computer hardware infrastructure was costing us last year.

This is very important because empowr continues to not take any funds from profit-seeking investors so that it can stay true to its mission, ensuring it always answers to community, not Wall Street investors.

We expect the remaining 10% of work to be completed by the end of April, especially because we have asked our engineers to be simultaneously working on other items that the community has been waiting for, for a long time.

There may be some site downtime. If so, we will always do our best to let you know ahead of time.

Along with cutting costs, we have been very, very busy preparing ourselves to do more for you, as we’ll discuss next.


2.  Building up our engineering capabilities

The second thing that everyone at empowr has been spending a significant amount of time and resources on, has been finding, interviewing and hiring engineers.

As you may know, highly skilled software engineers are in short supply globally.  Therefore, we have prioritized this effort so that, before our Beta launch, we will be able to focus a lot more engineers on:

A) Fixing any and all bug and issues that our Alpha community have reported

B) Redesigning the product so that it is easier to navigate and use when we go into Beta

C) Rebuilding our mobile apps from scratch so they are fantastic

 D) Ensuring all our products operate faster so citizens can accomplish what they are trying to do much more quickly

E) Ensuring all our products are available in nearly all local languages

 F) Ensuring any remaining features that have been requested by our citizens have been developed, including the local merchant, app developer and transport platforms.

I am happy to report that we have opened a new engineering office so we can have access to a whole new pool of engineering talent, and just this month have already added six (6) engineering team members to the staff, with two of the engineers starting this Monday (April 1).

Our newest engineer have already been fixing bugs and issues with the marketplace and with the coin trading bonus that you’ve reported.

Our new engineers have also started building the Wanted Listings feature that will be a game-changer for the marketplace – helping to make Unpaid Items a thing of the past for sellers, ensuring buyers ALWAYS find what they want to buy, and allowing sellers to generate virtually guaranteed profits without ever needing to invest time into creating new marketplace listings or guessing what buyers might want. 

The engineers that start next week will get focused on completing the Local Merchant platform, so that success coaches can start bringing in their local merchants into the platform (and earning 10% from every sale the merchant has within the platform).

Then, they will be updating and completing the Sharing system, the empowr Transport features, and the App Developer platform that will allow developers to bring a lot of new earning opportunities to the platform.

And finally, our engineers have already built a Coin Trading Widget that aims to greatly simplify trading, by making it so our citizens never need to learn how to use the currency exchange, and can simply buy and sell coins from a much simpler interface that takes care of everything for them. We are just waiting for testing resources to become available, so we can ensure the widget is working as intended, before releasing it.

Going forward, we are expecting to add 1 or 2 additional new engineers to the staff weekly. As that happens, you will begin to see many of the bugs and issues that you’ve been living with, getting fixed much faster; and the missing features you’ve been wanting, finally coming to you.

With only 4 months remaining until the Beta launch date (August 5, 2019), we are rushing to find, interview and hire dozens of qualified engineers so that we can get everything on the list accomplished on time.

After our computer infrastructure costs are under control, and our larger engineering team has had time to take our product to where we all want it to be (the Beta version), it will be time to open up our marketing efforts so we can bring in millions of new empowr citizens.


3.  Preparing for marketing

Before we give you an update on our marketing process, let me take a moment to discuss why we need marketing and how everyone will benefit.

By ‘marketing’ we mean the process of bringing in lots of new citizens into the platform. When that happens, the user experience will improve significantly. For example:

When we bring in a lot of new citizens, our marketplace will have a lot more things available to purchase with your earnings.

Features like Sharing products (instead of selling/buying) and Transport will become a reality when there are more active citizens in your geographic area.

With more citizens, there will be a much higher level of trading volume for our coins, which helps the price of the coin stabilize on the market.

With a lot more citizens in empowr, there will be more people that share your interests, and so you’ll have a chance to meet more interesting people that you’ll enjoy chatting and interacting with daily.

With more citizens locally, it will make a lot more sense to bring in local merchants.

I hope you can see that, overall, the empowr experience will be much more interesting, and more lucrative, when there are many more citizens in empowr.


So, what do we need to do, to prepare for marketing and bringing in a lot more citizens?

Before we get going, we must ask ourselves which type of people we should go after first with our marketing. What group of people would most benefit from our product?

Most marketing experts will say that answering that question correctly is critical to the success of any organization that’s ready to grow.

The reason for that is, like virtually all other organizations, empowr has a limited marketing budget, so if we can first attract the group(s) of people that will be most likely to enjoy our offerings, and therefore the most likely to tell their friends about empowr, well, then that extra amount of new citizens arriving (for free) through word-of-mouth can make all the difference between reaching a critical mass of usership with a limited marketing budget, or not.

So, should the first group be younger people (that are more likely to spend time in social media) or should it be older people (that may be more likely to have more time to spend)?

Or, should the first group be stay-at-home moms who could use some extra income from the comfort of their own homes, or should we first target working people who might be looking to augment their current income?

Or, maybe we should focus our marketing resources geographically, because the cost of marketing is much less in some areas vs. others – enabling us to bring in 2, 3 or even 4 people for the same cost as bringing in 1 person from other geographic locations.

With the marketing mechanisms that are available today, we are able to focus our marketing budget on people based on gender, location, income level, education level and many other criteria such as hobbies, recent activities and even political beliefs. There are literally hundreds of ways that audiences can be segmented and targeted, so getting this right is a complex challenge.

The first step of this process is to narrow down the potential audiences to a much smaller and manageable number.

The second step is to test reaching this smaller number of audiences, with unique marketing media, tools and messages that are tailored to each audience.

After the results are in from the second step, and we know which audiences (and media, tools and messages) were most successful at not just attracting new citizens at the best cost, but that those citizens actually remained most engaged in the days and weeks that followed their registration, we’ll be able to say, with much more confidence that:

We should first reach out to audience 1 (for example, stay-at-home moms) then audience 2 (say, red headed people with green eyes) and then audience 3 (perhaps people that like science fiction movies and love dogs) and so on and so forth.

Once we have that knowledge and have much more confidence in exactly who our marketing should be targeting, we can then spend more time developing and testing even better marketing messages and finding even better ways and media to reach that audience.

And finally, as we look to make these decisions, we should also keep in mind what our strongest asset is:

As you know, we have a strong community of long-term citizens, including hundreds of success coaches, that know the platform intimately.

Our final marketing audience and approach should, in some way, take into consideration this fact – and allow our strongest asset a way to contribute – and benefit – from our growth plans.

For example, instead of simply spending a lot of money buying advertising on, say, Google or Facebook (where none of that money goes directly to our community, and our strongest asset is not being utilized in any way) we should think of marketing approaches that enable our long-term citizens to contribute to and benefit from the final marketing plan and expenditures.

It would be a real loss – perhaps even a failure -- if our final marketing strategy, plans and approach did not take into consideration our strongest asset (you, our community members) and give you a concrete way to benefit from and contribute to the effort.

We are now actively working through this process. In fact, now is the perfect time to ask our current Alpha users (you) for your ideas.

Using the comments below, would you kindly share any thoughts you may have in regards to who (what groups of people) you think our marketing should focus on first, second, third, etc.?

What ideas do you have in regard to our marketing strategy and approaches?

We are very excited to hear your thoughts, to ensure we’re using our collective intelligence to arrive at the best conclusions and decisions.

In the coming weeks, together we must solidify our marketing strategy, which includes:

A) identifying the first group of people – the people most likely to benefit and share positive word-of-mouth about our platform

B) creating and testing our marketing messaging – for example, the look and feel of ads, and branding elements

C) testing the different marketing channels, media and vehicles, so that we know which are the most effective, and what it will cost to reach and bring in our desired audience

Very soon, our product will be much better than it is now (as a result of our much larger engineering team)...

... and our community will be full of many new citizens, who will be able to benefit from all the things that we have all been working on for so many years.

Those of you that have been here for many years:

Just imagine the amazing experience all those new citizens will have, as they will never have to deal with all the things you’ve had to deal with in years gone by.

For example, they never will have known the platform when many features were missing, or the strategy was still changing and evolving by the month, or when the product had many times more bugs than it soon will have.

Before we launch our Beta product on August 5th, we will need to come up with a really nice way of thanking our Alpha citizens that have worked so hard to bring it all together. Of course we’re open to ideas in this area, so please send those ideas too, when you think of them.


Together, over a long period of time, we have innovated, tried, failed, and tried again and again until, one after another, we’ve arrived at solutions that bring together all the puzzle pieces required to make an economy come to life.

As a result, we have just about everything needed to make our mission successful, and deliver to every corner of the world an economy that can help anyone lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

And we’ve accomplished that without taking a single penny from any profit-seeking investors.

That means we’ll never have to be secretly thinking about and executing on plans to extract more and more profits out of the platform, for the benefit of only a tiny number of contributors to our ecosystem (investors)...

... like every other tech platform is doing including Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and virtually every single platform you can think of.

Now, we must ensure that the cost of delivering our platform to the world doesn’t pose a significant issue for us – and we’re about 90% complete with that process.

And, we must ensure that our platform and product will soon do everything you want it to (and nothing that you don’t want it to) which simply requires more engineers – and we’re finally making consistent progress on that front.

And finally, we must ensure that, when our product is ready for Beta, our growth and marketing plans are well thought-out, tested and capable of delivering the news to the world that now, finally, a digital economy exists that welcomes people from all walks of lives, and has as its primary objective their well-being as opposed to that of the Silicon Valley and Wall Street investor classes that are already doing quite fine.

Our final marketing approach must take into consideration our strongest asset, which is the strength of our community.

As these 3 big things continue to come together, we’ll make sure that the future is especially bright for everyone that has invested so much of their blood, sweat and tears into this platform and movement. We must and will come up with new and concrete ways to thank and, more importantly, reward all the people that have given so much to this massive effort.

I thank you for their continued belief and faith.

Any questions or ideas? Please share them!

Your truly,


PS: As always, we will delete all comments that are unrelated to the topic of this blog post and/or are private or account questions that should be directed to your personal success coach.


Carlos Andrade

Hi JC, Brian and the whole team in San Diego.

Great news about the new engineering teams created as discussed during my presidency.

I agree that the marketting strategy should be well thought to be able to generate the best results.

As I've discussed with Bob Poster during the campaign we should think in bringing on board some internet influencers (on twitter, Instagram e Youtube) and motivate them to make some content promoting empowr and the opportunities... for example: focusing on our marketplace.... and using them to drive new users.

I believe that way we are set to increase our community with the best new users possible.

Best Regards to all of you in San Diego

8 months ago
James B,

I am ready for promoting empowr for bonus earnings tho I am having huge issue with my account that need urgent attention i am so happy for the beta launch just can't wait until it is here

8 months ago
Maroof Jatt

Hello Carlos ! Will people promote the empowr who already got loss by empowr wrong decision as changing coin, is it any hope that empowr never again change the coin colors. We can see price is again worth less and empowr is in just try to collect money by establishing new techniques, ( may be i am wrong ) My question is what was the benefit we people got by changing coin color instead empowr loose her worth and commitment of previous settled targets.What help Brian C Woosley gives by changing coin color and ruined a lot of people like me who trust on mouth talks of one of friend and loose our all things in shape of loosing coins multiplied by zero by Brian C Woosley . Can we too make people foolish and told them that join empowr, purchase coin so Brian C Woosley can again introduce a new color. I am not cursing but it happened and we people was looted.

8 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Maroof,

Only yesterday I have transferred out $50 worth of coins related to my latest sales. The difference between you and me is the way we focus our business on empowr. empowr is not an easy way to earn... if you work hard you will see your efforts rewarded. Now... visiting your page I can see.... no sales.... that way, I regret to say that you are not focusing on the right way to work here... and that reflects also on our coin value.

8 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

My first suggestion is that you recognize the EMPRO as a legit payment for the Mission Role.
This will ignite the possibility for all and will give the people confidence to use the EMPRO as Legal payment source.
Also consider if the site is down and under construction that people cannot complete their daily Goal.
And my last suggestion A Higher valued Coin that rises in Price is much more attractive to Sellers than a Coin that go Down all the time. Don't you think it is time to rise the coin, especially If you want to attract New People, you need to show there that it is a privilege to Join and earn and get Paid for your effort, or am i wrong?

8 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Patric,

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Enabling payment for mission roles with EMPRO is something that has been on the backlog for awhile now. With the new engineers coming on board, we hope to get to that one soon while minimizing as much downtime as possible.

As far as the coin price, if sellers keep full value for the things they sell and can immediately cash it out and exchange it for Ether, then we don’t see how a rising coin price would change their experience. They need liquidity and don’t want to hold onto the coins to see them appreciate. I agree, having a rising coin price is ideal, but it’s not a necessity to have a thriving marketplace within empowr.

8 months ago

I'm in support of using the EMPRO for mission role payments. Would anyone confirm that there is a possibility of having this happen.

8 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Mark - read my comment - yes it is something that has been on the priority list for awhile now. We will get to it when we can.

8 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

I agree for a marketing strategy that include 3 points. Thanks JC for the update.

8 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thanks JC and Brian for the great update. I agree for a marketing strategy that includes 3 points will bring great results and am excited for the Beta version.

8 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

Опять полные уши лапши!!! А кучка дураков как всегда говорит Спасибо)))

8 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thank you JC and team for on going updates. Happy to hear that we looking forward to beta.

8 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thanks, JC, for all the detailed information.
I want to take some time to formulate the ideas for the best group to target and will come back for that.

8 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I have spent some time thinking about this. The group to target first, I think, should be college students. I do believe, however, that it is important to communicate that empowr is not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A good explanation of empowr being an economy is needed. I buy a loaf of bread from the baker. The baker takes a little profit and pays the flour supplier. The flour guy takes his part and pays the farmer etc. etc. Money goes round and round in an economy. We also have to pay taxes in an economy, for the government to be able to pay for the infrastructure and the deputy buys a loaf of bread from the baker, etc. etc. I also believe it is this group to be targetted first because they have the most concern for their future, the environmental issues and unemployment to name but a few. When highlighting this side of empowr, as it is working towards to achieve, I think a growing number of young people will become motivated to put in the work. My 2 pence worth of thoughts.

8 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you JC and team for this update and ongoing development. It is nice to hear from you JC, after long time. I would suggest at first the target market should be young star to middle age [18-35]. Age group of 18-26 will be able to give more user to the platform by spreading orally and 26-35 will be able to sped money from beginning for sales, mission role. The age group 28-35 also will be able to bring the people from 40-60. Social media would be the best to do this.

8 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you JC for this exciting news. Really positive that by going Beta will make a great platform with amazing features that will boost the economy. Just by reading it shows that empowr have gone so far and soon will be accessible by all people globally with great marketing approach. Once products are in.place and marketplace is ready for Beta phase, it will then be easier to consider which type of people group to come first. Can't wait for the updates by our great engineers with the new hires. Glad to hear that only 10% is remaining for completion. Just amazing! Thank you so much empowr and to all.

8 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thanks JC :) I am proud to be part of empowr for many years now, and waiting eagerly for Beta :)

8 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I agree with Alex JC, very proud to be here and so excited after many years that it is going to Beta :)

8 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks JC and whole entire team for great work and update about future planing :)
Waiting for Beta

8 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks JC and all team members for this update and ongoing development. I agree for a marketing strategy

8 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Thanks for the update. Hoping to have a higher transfer out in the future!

8 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the update JC. I agree with your ideas and it's great to see that the platform is becoming a better place each day. long live empowr!

8 months ago
Ken Spence

Expanding on my previous comment

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Happy people are only too willing to tell their friends and family and this is worth far more than any targeted ad campaign that you could pay for.

I would love to tell everybody how I am making a living on Empowr but to date, I have told no one to join although I have many watching my progress - some in disbelief that I am still here and sending items at my own cost

My point is that even though I would have expected some return from my work here, I am still waiting for any tangible results despite all my efforts to be a good seller.

It is all well and good pointing to the 13 bars as an indicator of how much cash advance will be received but if even those of us that have been here for years are failing to understand how much if anything we will receive then what chance will new citizens have

I believe that if Empowr found a way to reimburse sellers more efficiently then more of us would shout from the rooftops about the opportunity here but as it stands there is too much doubt and lost faith.

I hope you read this as the concerns of a genuine citizen and try to see my viewpoint. I am still here hoping for something good to come of this

8 months ago
Lana Ferra

Grate way to go! Thank you for your priceless work, JC!

8 months ago

Thanks JC for the update. Great to hear that the bugs are being fixed and some great leaps forward.
As others have said, my greatest problem, is finding the cash to buy products, that when sold do not provide me with the wherewithal to reinvest in more product. I have sold over 30 of one item for an outlay of (with exchange rate) of some AUD400. It is not feasible for me to continue without getting some money back, Hopefully that trading widget will help. I understand that ultimate aim is for a fully internal coin buy/sell community but until that happens, we have to buy the items with real $$'s.

8 months ago
Ken Spence

I think that the best advertising is to pay the sellers the full amount of their sales as soon as they are received. That will increase the word of mouth advertising far better than paying others to advertise. Personally I would be more inclined to promote Empowr if I could actually prove that I make money here. As it stands I have lost far more than I have gained and this is nothing to shout about

Also, happy sellers are more likely to invite merchants

8 months ago
Middle Earth

I concur with Ken, that sellers, must be paid the full amount (empowr coins) for their *item received*, similar to any other selling site. If you are only given a portion of what you have sold, then you will only get a portion commitment for future sales. And I've also lost more than I have gained.

8 months ago
Chandravathi Devi

I fully support Ken and ask for full amount for sales , if given full amount to reinvest , we can increase our sales also and get new empowr citizens showing our income as proof .

8 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

In order for the marketplace place to boom. I think we need to focus on people who have work.
Though not all workers have a high-pressure job and even then they are active in social media. They love buying via the internet. They are the consumers who will be willing to buy in the marketplace if things we sell are legit and attractive for them here in Empowr.

People have no satisfaction even they have work, they want more and want to have challenged and want to succeed in some other way. Maybe they can find it out here in Empowr. The first thing we have to do is to make Empowr attractive again. I think the Beta version will be the answer to all of it. Issues will be fixed, coins will go up and stabilize and the marketplace will become attractive again.

After that those citizens that have to begin from scratch. Their money spends as capital will have value later on.

8 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Thanks JC for the update!
I think that the most promising in terms of marketing will be a social group of people from 25 to 35 years old - young parents who are already thinking about the future for their children, while they are actively present in social networks and can convey the idea empowr to a fairly large number of people

8 months ago
Mona Tanneryd

I thank you for the suggestion that the platform should concentrate on marketing as I do belive that this will make the platform grow with many more users that will be interrested in this mission. I believe also that you are gonne make it all come true before the deadline of the Beta gest live - hiring so much engineers that will take care of everything so that we can look forward to a "new" platform that will work more better and will be more easier for users. I want to encourage your ideas as I really think you are doing the best job by all engineers and the teams ideas for the future of this platform.

8 months ago
Muhammad Fayyaz

Thanks to the team for the good plans and the work done

8 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I agree with what Alex said JC, very proud to be here. I am very excited about going to Beta :)

8 months ago

Thanks for the update, we are making progress and building a great community. Thanks for all the hard work team!

8 months ago
James B,

Hi I had lost all my maturing balance I had earn from selling selling 29 items few days ago and I had not paid for any items I had triple check my I've bought page and I had document my full details on my problem here can someone please check it out and fix it please before Friday live stream so I don't have to stress about complaining again https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-rgzGpog2WehhA5QpS__DsBnwARhwZXnMmxkxRNY8kg/viewform?edit_requested=true check that form for my document and help me and fix it please before beta launch of empowr

8 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Am asteptat ( nu sunt singurul )acest blog cu noutatile trecerii in faza Beta.
Avem de trait,experimentat pana cand vor aparea si rezultatele,de aceea incepand de astazi tot ce vand voi livra dupa data de 10 august,nu de alta dar vand produse luna de luna si nu primesc nimic in schimb.
Cu 82 de zile in urma am castigat la roata misiunii $1200,intreband care va fi soarta acestui castig am primit urmatorul raspuns: "Despre castigul ala de la roata, ti-am explicat cine a castigat in perioada aceea nu mai poate empowr sa revina si sa dea castigul. Nu a dat la nimeni."
Asa o fi si in mult trambitata faza ...Beta?

I've been waiting (I'm not the only one) of this blog with the news of the Beta phase transition.
We have the experience, experienced until the results will come, so starting today everything they sell will deliver after August 10, not the other but sell the month of the month and receive nothing in return.
82 days ago I won the $ 1,200 mission wheel, wondering what the fate of this win would be, I got the following answer: "About that win on the wheel, I explained to you who won that one can not empowr again to give the win. He did not give it to anyone. "
So is it in the far-fetched phase ... Beta?

8 months ago
Teri Sologoub

My suggestion for the marketing process is to target just one group, Those looking for opportunities to earn in a social media environment irrespective of their age, gender, location, social standings, cultural backgrounds etc,,.
Let’s face it, millions of people all over the world come to the internet looking for opportunities to improve their lives, and Empowr have already created those opportunities for them, All we need to do is find them and bring them on board.
Just my thoughts.

8 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thank you JC for the update!

8 months ago

Thanks for the update, we are making progress and building a great community, Thanks JC

8 months ago

Thanks JC
We all are waiting eagerly for the beta version. Sure it will help to grow the community. Merchant programme is also most awaited and we will work on it. Inviting to the new citizens has already been initiated by my team. We were waiting for this blog. We are also working on social media to invite.

8 months ago
Mohi P

Thanks, JC for the great news and sharing our future plans. I cannot wait for the beta and educating and empowering many more people.

8 months ago
Dr Petra Neisz

Thanks, JC and Team for this update.
I am looking forward to beta-Version!

8 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thank you JC and team for this update and ongoing development.

8 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks JC :) I am proud to be part of empowr for many years now, and waiting eagerly for Beta :)

8 months ago
Mayowa Sangosanya

Thanks JC and Empowr team for this updates. Am excited for this new innovations, it is a good direction to go.

8 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

I am glad to be part of empowr for many years now, and waiting eagerly for Beta Version.
Thank you JC

8 months ago
Umair Siddique

In my humble opinion, the focus should be the people who are visionary and would get into empowr for a long-haul instead of anyone wanting short-term results. 99% of the people are not that type (in my opinion) so considering all the glitches and present situation, I’d strongly advise against focusing on marketing at all. To be very honest, I’d not invite a person to my home if it’s not in a good shape because if they see a glimpse of it and spread the word, I’d have done bad marketing of my own house. I’ve been noticing a lot of people leaving empowr and very few staying for some time -- I can be wrong because I might not be seeing everything but still from what I see I’m fairly certain about that.

Take an old citizen for instance, who has invited all his contacts previously on empowr and 99% of them have left because of the experience they had, would s/he have a good chance of convincing them to join back? Now consider the core of the community is based on only those old and longtime citizens, should they spend their energy on inviting them again at this point? Would it help? I believe putting the right pressure at the right point is the key and that time is not now, but hopefully when we are in BETA.

Great to hear that with all the new engineers, everything will be getting done a lot faster. Now is the time to focus all our energy to get empowr into a shape wherein when we invite someone to empowr, not only they like it here but they invite others without needing a convincing or pep talk to do so. That’s what gonna make a difference. For starters, get the marketplace to a realistic and functional state where people would love to sell. Major changes are required in the marketplace starting with allowing sellers to get paid directly in ethers or USD (which the buyer would be paying) and empowr only keeping a percentage. With that being said, it should be the sellers choice if they are willing to accept EMPRO apart from ETHER or USD because if forced to accept only EMPRO, they might not be interested in selling at all. Maybe you and I can understand the bigger picture and devote ourselves to sell for the collective good but helping masses understand that is not possible, not when the people who are trying to make it work for long-time have no results persuasive enough to show for all their good efforts. Again, I don’t want to sound negative but at the same time, I don’t want to lie either. Let's start focusing on where we should and avoid any diversions.

8 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Umair - many fair points here.

Everything said here is what we are working on. That doesn't mean that we should just wait until everything is perfect and then start marketing - we have to do multiple things at the same time in order to move forward, which is why we are asking for everyone's thoughts now.

8 months ago
Adekunle Adejumo

Thank you JC for this updates, eagerly waiting for the full implementation of all you have in plan.

8 months ago
Sunil Kumar

nice update, hope to see soon some major new feature for all of us & specially about beta version,

8 months ago
Sankar Pore

Thanks JC and all team members for this update and ongoing development. We all are waiting eagerly for the beta version...

8 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks JC for the update while long await!
I think you should recognize that EMPR Coins has more credibility rather than EMPRO. Why EMPRO is less price than EMPR at echange? You should have explain to citizen so that we can believe that EMPRO will be best coin rather than EMPR. Else we should rename the EMPRO coin as EMPR coin / EMPRC.

As we know that Everyone can attract New People in platform, But we have to add / show some testimonial of some citizen who made money from here. Make as Interface page/ or live video on front page. We wish our engineer team will complete the reaming work soon.

8 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Rajesh,

Again - we’re not focused on coin price. If we were, then the first thing we would need to do to ensure the coin price stays high is to stop paying cash outs.

Would you rather be able to cash out $1 every time you earned it, or never cash out and have the price of the coin be high?

Until we have a critical mass of citizens in the platform, these are the options. Our bet is that we have a better shot at achieving critical mass if citizens were able to cash out. Do you disagree?

8 months ago
Maroof Jatt

Hello Brian ! If price was not the matter why you changed the coin into empro?

8 months ago
Maroof Jatt

There was more holders of empr then empro .... am i right ?

8 months ago
Md Adeel

Thanks for sharing the latest happening of our Engineering!

8 months ago
Murad Akm

Hi JC and Brian, Thanks for great updates. Feeling good to know that empowr going on BETA version. I have some suggestion like that:
1/ We have long experience in marketing through empowr by creating listing. Make it or reach out this space as a position that can compete with Amazon or ebay.
2/ Make EMPRO as a legit coin which can help to purchase anything at this site along with mission role, because where we can not spend to purchase mission role on this site then others could how trust and depend on EMPRO.
3/ Transportation makes like UBER or OLA where we can spend empro and able to use it.
Hope this will introduce Empowr and EMPRO worldwide and we may not need to offer to join citizen and earn.

8 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

Thanks for the update, we are making progress and building a great community. Thanks for all the hard work team

8 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Thanks to the whole team for the work done.

8 months ago
Abdul Quddus Salman

Good improvement and solid strategy

8 months ago
Vikash Chokhani

The marketing process is a very critical process and so I believe that we should target each and every group that comes in our mind, because the more we target the more we will have the chance to hit those targets. The best way to target each group is to have a leader for each group who will have the responsibility to hit as many target as possible of the group he or she has been assigned to. I hope you will like my idea. Thanks

8 months ago
Vikash Chokhani

Congratulations to our new engineering team...Great announcement and great strategy

8 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you team empowr for the hard work, for the decision to upgrade to the beta version.
This is a great inspiration to everyone who is already helping to build a site’s economy.

8 months ago