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How will coins work within empowr?


Hello everyone,

Soon -- in the post after this -- the community will have another very important decision to make – perhaps more critical than the other big decision we recently made together -- which was to switch from our virtual currency to cryptocurrency coins.


Before we can make that decision together, we need to first discuss how the new empowr cryptocurrency coins will operate within the empowr ecosystem...

... which I’ll refer to as “Coins” in this blog post.


By replacing empowr’s current virtual currency with our new Coins, we have the opportunity to make a few modifications to existing functionality and roles – mostly to increase compensation.

Today, we’ll discuss:

How to earn Coins

·       By selling products and services

·       By success coaching

·       By working with merchants

·       By inviting friends

·       By posting

The new Maturation

The new Mission Wheel

The new Mission Performance 


Then, as soon as we’re done deciding how Coins will work in empowr, we’ll move on to the next critical decision that must be made together as a community.

(empowr engineering is busy setting up a ‘voting system’ for the next conversation, so we can be very accurate in gauging the community’s final decision).

Let’s get started.


How to earn coins

Earning coins by selling products and services

Up to now:

When you sell products and services in empowr, you were compensated with empowr dollars (empowr’s original virtual currency).

Maturation was 90 days for everyone.

For our newer citizens:

Maturation describes how long any earnings need to wait before they can be utilized.

The purpose of Maturation is to build the empowr economy.

Maturation helps build the empowr economy because as funds are maturing, they can be spent anywhere in the empowr ecosystem...

... bringing more customers and earnings to YOU and anyone else looking to sell in the empowr economy.

Going forward:

Now, everyone will be paid for ALL their sales in empowr Coins!

This is simply fantastic, in my view, because now you’ll be able to spend or “cash out” ALL earnings from your sales.

This has been a big desire of many empowr citizens and is now finally becoming a reality.

And with Coins, we have the opportunity to reduce Maturation. 

Reduced Maturation

Maturation will be reduced (to as low as 0-days) for our citizens in the highest power levels.

Maturation will also be reduced (to as low as 0-days) for our top performers regardless of their power level.

And finally, Maturation will be reduced (to as low as 0-days) for citizens whose performance is improving the fastest, regardless of their power level or performance relative to others.

Please find full details in the Maturation and Mission Performance sections below.


Earning coins by success coaching (SC)

Up to now:

You earned a % of your students’ earnings (paid by empowr at no cost to students).

In addition, SCs had the opportunity to earn bonuses for high performance in the areas of:

·       Communication Quality

·       Student Success

·       Student Happiness

·       Speed (in responding to students)

SC Leaders (those that managed other success coaches) earn Leadership Bonuses of up to 50% of what their team (the coaches that report to them) earn.

          All SC earnings were paid in empowr dollars with 20% converted to cash outs.


Going forward:

Everything stays the same, except:

Success Coaches will now enjoy a 50% increase in immediate earnings!

Here’s how that will work:

All earnings will now be paid in pre-coins with 30% converting to Coins immediately -- instead of 20%.

·       That represents an 50% increase (going from 20% to 30%) in immediate coach compensation

·       “Pre-coins” will be discussed below, in the “Earn by posting” section.

Those (30%) Coins will also go through Maturation with the following terms:

Maturation will be from 90-days to as little as 0-days, based on each coach’s personal power level, overall performance, and performance improvement rate – just like all other citizens -- as will be detailed in the Maturation and Mission Performance sections below. 

However, anyone that officially became a success coach before Jan 31, 2018 will be ‘grandfathered in’ – meaning their Coins (the 30% earned from coaching students, as mentioned above) will be 100% matured when they receive them.

Citizens that officially became success coaches on Feb 1, 2018 or after, will have their Coins go through Maturation like other citizens – anywhere from 90 days to 0 days based on their power level, performance or rate of improvement.

If you’re planning on becoming a success coach, I suggest you get started now to beat the Feb 1 date.


Earn by helping merchants

Now merchants will be able to easily earn in empowr – without spending a penny in advertising.

Here’s how it will work:

Merchants will learn about the opportunity from an empowr citizen.

We secretly tested this approach and then quietly parked it for when we were ready.

As our president Brian Woosley (who was a success coach at the time) will tell you, it was a great success.  We found that merchants are all incredibly eager to find new ways to get customers.

We can help merchants quickly upload their products or services to empowr, using our new merchant tools (now in development):

For example, here’s a store selling clothing and more:        How will coins work within empowr?     


All empowr citizens will be able to spend 100% of their Coins (whether their Coins are mature or not) with these merchants!

In addition, empowr citizens will receive a special discount from the merchants – between 10% and 35% off their normal price.

Here's an example of how the restaurant pages in development:

How will coins work within empowr?

When you visit the merchant (online or in-person) you simply pay them with your Coins.

Merchants can save the Coins, spend them or convert them to their local currency at an online exchange with no maturation requirements.

This is simply amazing for merchants because they will get lots of customers, without risking a penny on advertising.

Typically, merchants spend a lot on advertising -- with no promises of results – and sometimes no results whatsoever.

Now, with this program, merchants will only “pay” when they actually receive customers – by simply providing a discount to our citizens. (They pay nothing when they don’t receive customers, so there is zero risk to them).

Merchants will even get a great dashboard, graphically showing them everything from sales data to demographic data of visitors to their menus and products:How will coins work within empowr?

Signing up merchants will be incredibly easy

A single page brochure (provided by empowr) is the only tool needed.

No contract needs to be signed. A simple “thumbs up” from the merchant and they’ll get:

 1.  an online store on empowr, showcasing their menus, products and/or services

 2.  an empowr profile that automatically appears daily for nearby citizens in the trust flow

 3.  tons of new customers that virtually all have funds they’re eager to spend

 4.  a dashboard giving them insights into their customers and earnings


Incredible earnings for empowr citizens

If you were the empowr citizen that first introduced empowr to any merchant...

... you’ll receive 15% of ALL revenues generated for the merchant...

... guaranteed for the first 2 years that the merchant in on empowr -- and possibly forever...

... as you’ll be the merchant’s main contact within empowr – helping them anytime they have an issue or question.

We strongly believe that empowr will become one of the largest sources of customers for many merchants...

... and 15% of the monthly revenues of just a few merchants can add up to huge and growing revenue stream for you – many times greater than a full-time wage.

And after you realize how easy this can be, many of you might sign up hundreds of merchants, leading to a significant and growing revenue stream for life.


Given that billions of Coins will be pouring into the hands of our citizens...

... Coins that they’ll be able to immediately spend at their local restaurants, shops and stores without concern for maturation...

... this 15% bonus might end up becoming the largest earning opportunity ever for empowr citizens thus far – in the entire history of empowr – exclusive to the empowr citizens that are simply first to reach out to their local merchants. 


You must be the first to reach out to any merchant

If someone gets to a merchant first, they’ll be forever inaccessible to everyone else.


To sign up merchants, you must be a success coach.

If you wish, you’ll be able to specialize (focus) on merchants -- and have no students.

There simply is no better time to become a success coach.  To learn more or sign up, simply speak with your own success coach.

Expect full details on the merchant program in the coming days. 


Earning coins by marketing

Along with bringing in new merchants, let’s use our Coins to compensate empowr citizens that wish to perform marketing to bring in new empowr citizens.

Simply use your profile link anywhere you like. Or send out email invitations.

When anyone follows your profile link or invitation, they’ll get a free Coin upon joining, and you’ll get credit. You can see your invitees in your My Mission Points page – and communicate with them.

When your invitees earn mission points, you earn matching mission points. Of course the mission wheel uses your mission points to determine your prize amounts – paid in Coin.

But now, you’ll even earn matching Coins when your invitees earn Coins.


This is as easy as signing up merchants

You can personally reach out to everyone you know, explain the benefits of joining empowr (including a free coin to start) and handhold them to success. When they earn, you earn.

Or use paid ad services – online or offline.

Only if they follow your link do they get a free coin 

If they just go to empowr and sign-up, they won’t get a free coin.

(If they follow your link to empowr, but end up just going to the empowr.com general sign-up page later, you should still get credit as their cookie is tracked to you).

First come, first serve

Similar to how the merchant program works:

Only the first person to bring in any new citizen gets credit.


With all the recent improvements that together we’ve made to empowr...

...  including the massive earning opportunities as detailed in this blog post...

... there’s probably never been a better time than now, for new people to join empowr. 


Since you discovered empowr before most others...

... and put up with all its challenges when others could or would not...

... you deserve to be the first to share your knowledge with merchants and citizens alike -- and get compensated for doing so.


Earning coins by posting

Up to now:

When you post a photo, status update, blog or video, you earned based on the Likes your post receives.

You were earning empowr dollars.

The Mission Wheel used your empowr dollars to output prizes such as shopping and cash.


Going forward:

When you post, you’ll earn pre-coins based on your Likes.

Think of pre-coins as Coins that are on their way to becoming Coins... they are in the birthing process.

Pre-coins will be utilized primarily for two (2) things:

1.   Winning coins from the wheel

Millions of Coins will be delivered to empowr citizens using the Mission Wheel. The wheel pops up when you hit your Daily Goal.

If you spin the Mission Wheel and win X Coins, the wheel will take X of your pre-coins and, in return, give you X official empowr Coins.

If, however, you don’t have many (or any) pre-coins when you spin and win, there will be little (or no) pre-coins to convert to Coins. So you’ll want to have pre-coins.


2.   Increasing your Power Level

The other primary use of pre-coins is to increase your Power Level. 

Your Power Level is about to become a MUCH BIGGER DEAL.

Your Power Level will determine most of your benefits in empowr such as:

·       Maturation (based on your power level, it can get to as low as 0-days).  Details in the Maturation section below.

·       Discounts when you buy anything

·       Transaction fees when you sell anything

·       Size of prizes on the Mission Wheel (becoming a massive source of Coins)

·       Free Ads auto-promoting your blogs and anything you’re selling

·       Higher earnings from posting

·       Higher daily limits on posting, sharing, bidding and listings

·       Access to roles like coaching, transporting and community admins



As you know, Maturation in empowr has always been 90 days.

When your earnings are maturing, they can be spent in the empowr marketplace and, soon, with merchants.

The purpose of Maturation is to build the empowr economy and demand/price for its coins.

This happens because as Coins are maturing, they can be spent anywhere in the empowr ecosystem – bringing more customers and earnings to YOU and anyone that has something to sell.

Maturation will also uniquely help empowr’s Coin with price volatility – a problem that all Coins face.


Now, your Maturation will be reduced if you:

·       1. Are in the Top Power Levels:

o   2nd highest Power Color (currently all of Teal) = 60-day

o   4th highest single level (currently Sky Basic) = 45-day

o   3rd highest single level (currently Sky 1st degree) = 30-day

o   2nd highest single level (currently Sky 2nd degree) = 15-day

o   Single highest power level (currently Sky Star) = 0-day


·       2. Are in the top 50% of performers (based on 30-day Mission Points): 

o   50-60% = 60-day

o   60-70% = 45-day

o   70-80% = 30-day

o   80-90% = 15-day

o   90%+ = 0-day


·       3. Are consistently improving:
(as measured by hitting your Mission Goal twice or more in a row; more on this in the Mission Performance section below): 

o   2 months in a row = 60-day

o   3 in a row = 45-day

o   4 in a row = 30-day

o   5 in a row = 15-day

o   6 in a row = 0-day


When your Coins are maturing, they’ll be held in your empowr off-chain wallet – not on the blockchain – to save blockchain transaction fees.

Before they are mature, your Coins can be spent anywhere within empowr or merchants that accept them.

When your Coins mature, you can leave them in your empowr off-chain wallet or transfer them to your on-chain wallet at any time.


empowr countries

Simultaneously, as discussed recently, to succeed empowr (the company) MUST become more customer centric as its resources grow (= ability to react to customer wishes and issues grow) and we’re hoping to accomplish that by growing the influence of our citizens...

... by pushing power and influence to their chosen empowr countries.

Countries will become the democratic institutions that will help further grow tomorrow’s leaders, and ensure empowr’s citizens have more power and influence to bend empowr’s features, rules and policies to meet their needs and desires.

The result will ultimately be the most customer-centric technology company in the world...

... that’s of the people, by the people, for the people.


Among other powers, countries will have the ability to compensate their citizens as they wish.

Of course you will always have the option to choose between any country -- or even no country -- and benefit from their innovative approaches to compensation and other important policies.


The Mission Wheel

When you hit your Daily Goal, the Mission Wheel will continue to pop up.

Prizes on the wheel will be paid in Coins, as well as in Coins that are specifically meant to be spent in the marketplace.


Wheel Prize amounts to explode

The big difference will be the amount of compensation the wheel can provide.

It’s safe to say that the amount and value of prizes given by the mission wheel are about to explode, as millions of Coins will be delivered to you from the wheel.


Wheel prizes based on Mission Points, Mission Role and Power Level

The size of the prizes on the wheel will continue to be determined by the number of Mission Points you have earned in the last 30 days, and will continue to be multiplied up further based on your choice of Mission Role. Prizes will also grow based on your Power Level.

You will continue to earn Mission Points when you:

·       sell products and services

·       earn as a success coach

·       invite friends & help them succeed (you earn matching mission points and coins)

·       spend funds in empowr

And now, you also earn mission points when you “sign up” merchants.


Mission Performance

As you know, together we decided to give away the first 10% of all Coins to the community, based on performance (All-time mission points). 

We believe this was a fair and wise decision, as the empowr community owed much to the empowr citizens that – against the odds – successfully brought the community and platform to the current moment.


And going forward, as discussed, the wheel will be rewarding citizens with millions of Coins based on their 30-day mission points.

We think this is also fair and wise, as the high performers should continue to perform should earn most of the next billion Coins.


Now, along with ensuring that top performers earn the most, let’s do everything in our control to further increase the power and voices of the highest performers. 

One important step to accomplishing that, is by making our 30-day mission point performance much more visible.


Performance Visibility

Soon, everywhere you see someone’s profile photo, you’ll see a new ring around their photo:

                                            How will coins work within empowr?

(I’m referring to the light green colored ring in the above image).

Also notice a little blue arrow at the top, pointing into the ring.

Here’s what the Mission Performance ring communicates:

This empowr citizen, Imad, in this (totally fabricated) example has generated 30-day mission points equal to 55% of that of empowr’s top performers. (Notice that the light green ring goes 55% around the full circle).

The color of the ring indicates his performance very clearly.  For example if the ring’s color is:

  • White = Not good – below 10%
  • Light yellow = starting to move – below 20%
  • Dark yellow = getting better – below 30%
  • Light orange = rising more – below 40%
  • Dark orange = on his way – below 50%
  • Light green = good performer – 50% - 75%
  • Dark Green = high achiever – above 75%


What is the little blue arrow pointing to?

The arrow shows Imad’s Mission Goal for the month.

Here’s what we’re suggesting:

Everyone’s Mission Goal will be set on the last day of each month, and will remain the same all month – until the last day of the following month (when it is reset again).

The mission goal will be personalized to each citizen. It will be set based on removing 10% of the distance between the citizen, and the top performers.


For our example, let’s say that the top performers have an average of, say, 1,000 mission points (that they earned in the last 30 days)...

       ... and let’s say that Imad earned 550 points in the last 30 days.


Clearly, Imad is 450 points (1,000 – 550 = 450) away from the top performers.

Therefore, Imad’s Mission Goal for the month will be to get 10% closer to the top performers – removing 10% of the 450 point difference (= 45 points).


·       His ring will be 55% full - since in our example he has 55% of the mission points of the top performers

·       His Mission Goal for next month will be to remove 10% of the distance between himself and the top performers, as follows:

o   10% of the 450 point difference between him and the top performers = 45 points

o   Therefore, his Mission Goal will be to achieve 595 (30-day) Mission Points – which is 59.5% of the top performers.


Conclusion of example

So, his ring will be 55% full.

It will be colored light green.

And his Mission Goal arrow will point to the 59.5% spot on the ring.

Good luck Imad!


Soon, everywhere and anywhere you see someone in empowr, you’ll be able to put into context who you are speaking with.

You’ll be able to clearly see their performance, or lack of, in empowr.


More power to the performers 

In addition, everywhere we can, let’s keep thinking of new ways to drive value and power to empowr citizens based on their Mission Performance.

For example:

·       Using the Mission Wheel, each day empowr will distribute millions of Coins to empowr citizens based on their Mission Performance

o   The mission wheel pops up when you hit your Daily Goal

·       Blog comments will soon be sorted based on citizens’ Mission Performance:

o   By default, comments from top performers will appear at the top of blog comments

--  Readers can choose to sort comments chronologically, like they’re currently sorted

o   If you’re a top performer, your voice will be much louder

·       Your influence and power in empowr is based on your mission points

o   Voting for empowr country senators and congresspersons will be based on mission points

--  If you have 1,000 mission points and I have 100, your vote counts 10 times as much as mine

o   Even voting for empowr’s president (in 2018) will be based on mission points


·       Marketplace items will be sorted by Mission Performance

o   Top performers’ products and services will be seen by more people


·       Each citizen’s Maturation will be accelerated (to as low as 0-day) based on their performance

o   Details above, in the Maturation section


To summarize, we believe that most of the power, influence and Coins should be directed to empowr’s citizens...

... based on their 30-day mission points – which we’ll now call Mission Performance...

... which will now be made visible everywhere and anywhere a profile photo appears.



BEFORE making everyone’s Mission Performance a lot more visible...

... using the Mission Performance Ring and Goal....

... let’s give everyone a couple of weeks to increase their 30-day mission points.


ALL of the changes discussed in this entire blog post will be live by the time the Coin auction ends.


A critical decision awaits us

As soon as we’ve all had a chance to digest and discuss the above, we’ve got another very big decision to make.

It relates to how we'll utilize our next billion coins.

According to our economists, the decision that we will make together is even more important and consequential...

        ... to empowr’s future...

       ... as well as your own as an individual...

... than the decision to move to cryptocurrency.

We’ll start that conversation (and official voting) as soon as we’re done discussing the contents of this post (how Coins will be used within empowr) and clarifying and/or reaching conclusions on anything that you found to be missing, confusing or not optimal.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Yours truly,


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Thank you for details how will empowr coins work in empowr and discuss, I have just finished first read and understand the things, replacing empowr’s current virtual currency with our new Coins, and modifications to existing functionality and roles – mostly to increase compensation.
A great step at right time, this will help to get succeed in empowr mission and uplift the life of empowr citizens, we are ready to discuss and make a decision to utilized billion coins,

Thank you,

23 months ago
Nnorom Grace Chioma

Wowwwwwww, i feel so excited reading this great post. Thanks to you J.C for this awesome information, happy new year to you all!

23 months ago
Nam Anh


22 months ago
S Tatyana

Very interesting news. I wait for changes

23 months ago
M.Yaseen Khan

Great update JC Thanks a lot for this infomation

23 months ago