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As you know, the Pay Now $0 feature enables every member to bid on and sponsor anything from the marketplace up to the amount of their balance - without spending anything upfront. 

Starting today, you can take advantage of even more Pay Now $0!

As your power level increases, you can now actively bid on and/or sponsor up to 5,000 items at any given time.

Number of items based on power level:

  • Basic (20 items)
  •  Yellow (80 items)
  • Orange (160 items)
  • Green (500 items)
  • Blue (1,000 items)
  • Purple (2,000 items)
  • Red and above (5,000 items)

With these new increased limits in place, the ability for you to profit from selling and sponsoring products in the marketplace is virtually endless.


But what if you aren’t able to successfully resell an item that you have chosen to sponsor?


If (for whatever reason) you purchase or sponsor something and end up not being able to find a buyer, you will have 72 hours to decide whether you want to keep the item for yourself…


…you can choose to make it an “unpaid item” instead.


By choosing to make something an unpaid item, you are choosing to cancel the purchase entirely and your balance will be charged a 5% unpaid item fee for taking that item out of the marketplace away from other potential buyers. The purpose of this new approach is to ensure sellers don’t lose confidence because of buyers that tie up products for long periods of times, but do not intend to actually ever pay for them.


With greater availability of Pay Now $0 and the ability to make any purchase an unpaid item for a small fee, everyone has more freedom than ever before to profit from sponsoring (keeping 90% of the final sale price for themselves), while still ensuring our marketplace is growing and thriving.

When sellers are more confident that an item will be paid for, anytime someone makes a purchase, they will be more likely to post their items in the marketplace. With that in mind, please bid on and sponsor items that you want to keep for yourself or believe you can successfully resell.


By thinking ahead, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a marketplace millionaire!


Nelson Harrison

Wow, wow and wowee. This is a great opportynity. Thank you.

56 months ago
Rose *myaseen*

cool promo

56 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Thanks for the information, dearest Mr.President...

56 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Awesome feature Brian. Thank you for this endless earning opportunity. You're great. Thank you FanBox..

56 months ago
Marry Unchang

Take noted. Great news Mr.President.

56 months ago
Atif Ali

thanks for this great idea share with us

56 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Yes there are many buyers who never pay their attention to the items they bought and that leads many seller to frustration. I hope this new feature will work to solve this problem.

56 months ago
Paul Henry

This will boost up the market place activities Brian, Hopefully it will make a great impact.
Thanks for updating us with this latest features. Will be looking forward the Pro's and Con's from other members of the community. :)

56 months ago
AbRahman Km

Great !!! ... We hope that the marketplace would become a much better trading platform. Thanks, Mr President.

56 months ago
Jade Quỳnh

Nice and great post, i like it, thanks for sharing

56 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Thanks for increased limits and helping sellers. We love to see our marketplace growing.

56 months ago
Seshadri Sreenivasan

A very useful and practical feature that does play fair. and square. Thanks FAnBox!

56 months ago
Hazel Rodriguez

this is a good move since i have already experienced it (twice -- that the buyers did not pay and never heard of them since)

56 months ago
Moira D. P

Thank you for this update |Brian. It sure will give everyone a fair way to go ahead and be successful in the marketplace and same time boost the community up the ladder. :)

56 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks Brian for this new features! Hopefully it will work for the best of everyone!

56 months ago
Silas Zakariah

A good one.

56 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thanks for the great information!

56 months ago
Zubair Shah

May I ask Mr. President, would that 5% fee be reflected in seller's balance?

56 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Thank you Brian for the update. This new features will help us :)

56 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for the updates.

56 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Din ce in ce mai modern mai multe inbunatatirii ...Am o intrebare ce se intimpla cu My BFO s de un timp nu mai este ,suntem destul de incurcatii si sa trecem de la un anumit fel de munca la altul este destul de dificil atunci cind nu sti prea bine regulile daca se mai introduce sau nu My BFO s? poate ne dati un raspuns sper sa nu fie cu suparare dar ...multumesc

56 months ago