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head up a new page titled 'i use creativity every day when...."

* now using loads of different colours, write down all the ways you can think of where you use creativity every day. Some examples:

*i often take different routes to go to the same place

*thinking of new plays for football

  whats so important about creativity.

creativity is an intrinsic and essential part of being human.

without it we could not advance in any area of life

  Creativity is the seedbed and key to all ideas, invention, advancement in civilisation and problem solving. Someone thought up the idea of this website empowr. Nothing that man created and no problem that has been overcome, was done without creativity; its that essential in every area of life.

  From artists to entrepreneurs inventors to computer programmers, homemakers to chefs, office workers to athletes, we all use creativity daily. An idea comes and we follow it through bringing something into being , whether in art, or lifestyle. All of life every part is the result of creativity at work.

  Curiosity i a big part of sparking and growing creativity. Allowyourself

the intoduction.

by Delwyn Viggars on July 23, 2017

  A creative life is one where curiosity has been given permission to explore the world.

When God created us mankind that is the power of creativity